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Well, The Quickest Engagement Ever On The Bachelorette Just Aired


Clare Crawley and her fiancé Dale Moss get engaged on 'The Bachelorette'

Well, it happened. In what is most certainly the quickest proposal ever in the history of the show, Clare and Dale got engaged on The Bachelorette after just a few weeks of filming. That's good news for viewers in that it means we officially have a new Bachelorette...and that we can (hopefully) stop watching Chris Harrison say Clare "blew up" the show in every. single. promo..

As the trailers have teased, Clare admitted to herself and Chris that she was in love with Dale. She also confirmed suspicions that she'd seen (but did not speak to) Dale online before filming, which led her to begin growing feelings for the football player turned model. She told Chris that on Mother's Day, she watched and was touched by Dale's Instagram Story tribute to his late mom, and she also learned his sister lives in a care facility, which resonated with her because her mom lives in one too.

Wanting more time to explore the connection, Clare canceled the cocktail party and rose ceremony and instead went on a one-on-one date with Dale, where they were serenaded by Listen to Your Heart winners Bri Stauss and Chris Watson and then spent a very steamy night together.

The next morning, she told the rest of the guys that she was focused on Dale. They were mostly confused, but ultimately understanding. And Chris Harrison skipped off to tell Dale that Clare was expecting a proposal. He settled on a ring (yep, the one she was recently spotted wearing), then got down on one knee later that evening.

Ironically (or maybe not), Clare was wearing white, and they both poured out their deepest feelings for one another. "You've shown me that you would never run away and never leave me," Clare said. "You continue to show up for me, and I promise I'll continue to show up for you every single day. You make me so happy."

Then it was Dale's turn. "From the moment I stepped out of the limo, I knew that this was special. There was no denying it,” he said. “I want nothing more than to keep moving forward to be there for you each and every day … I'm so appreciative for you and the best is yet to come. I'm not going anywhere and I'm gonna make you happy each and every day. So with that being said. I'm gonna do it. I'm doing it." Out came the ring, and Clare was beside herself. "Clare Moss?!" she exclaimed.

The other men weren't as enthused. Most of them were hurt and confused, while others were annoyed and ready to move on. Chris Harrison apologized for their "cheated" shot at love, then promptly welcomed the long-anticipated new Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams.

Welcome to The Bachelorette in 2020!! It's just chaotic as the rest of the year.