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Why Tayshia Probably Won't Get Engaged On The Bachelorette

Reality Steve weighed in.

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spoilers ahead for Season 16 of The Bachelorette. Now that we officially know Tayshia Adams will replace Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette, the new pressing question around Season 16 is if Tayshia will leave The Bachelorette engaged. While we don't have a clear answer yet, there are some clues to cling to.

After a month-long social media hiatus, Tayshia returned home from filming and shared a 30th birthday Instagram post on Sept. 12. "I am 30, I am definitely flirty, And I’m fkn THRIVING!!!" she captioned the post. Some speculated that the "thriving" note meant she found love on The Bachelorette. But franchise authority Reality Steve isn't so sure.

According to a Sept. 30 blog post, the one thing he does say he knows is that Tayshia's portion of the season will be "messy," and it may or may not end in romance. "I do not think we had a normal ending with Tayshia’s season. That doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t pick someone, or that she did and changed her mind," he wrote. "It just means that I don’t think we’re gonna get a traditional ending of, she was down to two men, chose one over the other, and they’re a happy couple right now." He speculates Tayshia's final four to be Ben Smith, Zac Clark, Brendan Morais, and Ivan Hall, but can't confirm that just yet.

What he does know is that — like all the trailers have promised — the rest of the season will be wild. "It’s gonna be different," he wrote in another post. "And by the way, you better enjoy the Clare/Dale love story this season — because that’s the only one you’re getting." That prediction, unfortunately, doesn't sound promising for Tayshia. But in her defense, she only filmed for a month due to the circumstances at hand (both the pandemic and replacing Clare).

In the Oct. 27 post-Bachelorette teaser, ABC finally confirmed longtime rumors that Tayshia will take over The Bachelorette after Clare falls in love with NFL player Dale Moss. Following multiple clips of Clare crying and more of confused, frustrated men, the promo cuts to the 30-year-old emerging from a pool. (At least she got a cool entrance?) On Oct. 28, she cheekily captioned an Instagram post with, "You rang?" hinting at the announcement. So she's embracing the mystery of it all, for now.