Scream’s Courteney Cox Has Broken A Major Horror Record

Beating Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis, even.

by Sophie McEvoy
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 11:  Actress Courteney Cox arrives at the premiere of The Weinstein Company's ...
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After four films and a television franchise in between, Scream relaunched with a cast of new and old faces in 2022 to critical acclaim. It wasn’t long before a sequel was greenlit, and Courteney Cox soon confirmed her return as the incomparable news reporter Gale Weathers. With this being her sixth film in the franchise, Cox has broken a pretty substantial record within the horror genre.

According to Slash, Cox is now the first female actor to have starred in six consecutive horror films. Scream star Neve Campbell would have shared this record with Cox, but due to a pay dispute she won’t be returning as Scream’s main protagonist Sidney Prescott. That means that Cox has now surpassed horror Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis in the genre, with Curtis having starred as Laurie Strode in five Halloween films. Additionally, slash notes that while Milla Jovovich played Alice for over six films in Resident Evil, the franchise morphed into the action/superhero genre over time.

Cox joins some of horror’s greatest villains in starring in so many films of the same franchise, including Nightmare On Elm Street’s Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, Dracula’s Christopher Lee, The Leprechaun’s Warwick Davis, Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley as Pinhead, Child’s Play’s Brad Dourif as Chucky, and Saw’s Tobin Bell as Jigsaw.

Already on set filming the untitled Scream sequel, Cox has teased that fans will be pleased with what the film has to offer. “I don’t know about the contracts and where things are, but I’ll tell you in the script – it’s a really good one, it’s great,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “You actually have to be killed if you talk about it,” she joked, “so I’m not gonna stay anything [more].”

The actor jumped at the chance to be in another Scream movie when the initial reboot was pitched to her. “Why not go back to something that was such a huge part of my life and play a character that was fun?” Cox told the New York Times. “I had no apprehensions.”