Courteney Cox Says She Still Senses Matthew Perry’s Presence

Her Friends co-star passed away in October.

Courteney Cox Says Matthew Perry "Visits Me A Lot"

Courteney Cox still keeps in touch with her late friend Matthew Perry. In a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the actor said that she still feels the presence of her Friends co-star, after he passed away in October 2023. “He visits me a lot, if we believe in that,” she said.

Cox explained that she still feels the spirits of several important people in her life and manages to communicate with them. “I talk to my mom, my dad, Matthew,” she explained. “I feel like there are a lot of people... I think that guide us. I sense Matthew’s around, for sure.”

Cox and Perry starred on Friends for all 10 seasons alongside Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc. However, their onscreen relationship was closer than most, as their characters, Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing, went from friends to lovers before finally getting married in Season 7.

Cox & Perry’s Friendship

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing and Courteney Cox as Monica Geller-Bing on Friends.NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Cox also reminisced about her friendship with Perry and what she remembered most fondly about him. “I think he’s probably one of the funniest human beings in the world,” she said. “He’s just so funny. He has, genuinely, a huge heart. [He] obviously struggled. I’m so thankful I got to work so closely with him for so many years.”

After Friends ended in 2004, the two stayed in touch and often shared reunion pictures on Instagram. Cox even guest-starred on Perry’s 2013 sitcom Go On as a potential love interest (unlike their Friends characters, it didn’t work out this time).

A couple weeks after his passing, Cox paid tribute to Perry, sharing a sweet story from Monica and Chandler’s one-night stand that started their romance. “I am so grateful for every moment I had with you Matty and I miss you every day,” she wrote. “Before we started rolling, he whispered a funny line for me to say. He often did things like that. He was funny and he was kind.”