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Dickinson Stars Answer Your Burning Season 2 Questions

Hot guys with hot takes.

Finn Jones and Pico Alexander

The internet had a lot of questions about Dickinson Season 2, so we asked the season’s bad boys and love interests, Finn Jones (who plays Samuel Bowles) and Pico Alexander (who plays Henry “Ship” Shipley), to answer them all — which maybe wasn’t the best idea.

Channeling their good-looking yet... single-minded characters, Jones and Alexander answered your burning questions about Dickinson with some sincerity, more humor, and just a little bit of apathy. For example, when we (the internet) asked if Dickinson was real, we (the internet) wanted some insight into how much of the show is factually based on Emily Dickinson’s real life (basically, were she and Sue really in love??) and how much is artistic license based off her poems. They took the question as “Is Emily Dickinson real?”; happily said “yes”; and brought their attention quickly back to Alexander’s shoulder-perched cat.

So if you want to know what happens to Emily and Sue, if we’ll see more of Sam and Ship, or if Dickinson is even real, this may or may not be the video to actually answer those questions. But if you want to watch two good-looking guys entertain themselves and each other (with an appearance by a pet cat) — this is exactly the video for you.


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