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Hear Me Out: Utica Is The Most Underrated Queen On Drag Race This Season

She! Was! Robbed!

Utica Queen 'Drag Rrace' Season 13 via VH1 Press Site

After watching the Feb. 12 episode of Drag Race, I have one thing to say: Utica Queen was robbed. Not actually robbed, because she's so incredibly pure that if she were ever burglarized, she would voluntarily open her wallet and offer up its contents. That's kind of what happened in this week's improv challenge when both she and Olivia Luxe wanted to play Cheryl the mime, and instead of fighting for the role she knew she would "destroy" (her words!), she let Olivia have it to avoid confrontation.

That decision left Utica with the role of Cheryl's mom, Bella, and even her four years of improv experience couldn't bring the unwanted character to life. As a result, she got a harsh critique from the judges, and her runway look — a bloodied bride — saved her as always.

Unfortunately, the part of Cheryl isn't the only thing Utica should've won so far this season. Her Bag Ball sleeping bag dress belongs in a museum somewhere, yet she lost the challenge to Gottmik whose look was, yes, chic, but strappy and barely there. Meanwhile Utica chose to work with one of the most complex materials available and in a matter of seven hours, created an elaborate and unique silhouette. Drag Race fans were aghast. "Some straps around her body vs. utica’s sleeping bag couture that literally looks right off of a runway constructed from scratch? like how did utica not win this as a SEWING challenge?" one person wondered on Twitter.

And let's not forget Utica's many other unconventional and wholly original looks, like her curtain rod nod to The Carol Burnett Show, her doggy bag-inspired look with a poodle-esque wig, and her Ru-veal look, a trapped doll "imprisoned by her own beauty" complete with a yarn ball wig and giant pins piercing her quilted dress at every side.

Utica clearly has what it takes to be America's next drag superstar: she's funny, animated, sincere, and undeniably talented. But each season of Drag Race is getting more and more cutthroat, and her eagerness to please is holding her back. Many queens say, "This isn't RuPaul's best friend race," but for Utica, who calls herself the "Switzerland of drag," it kind of is. And that may mean her loss in the end.