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The Pandemic May Actually Give Drag Race: Vegas Revue A Better Shot At A Second Season

One fan called it "the Real Housewives of Drag Race we’ve always needed."

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Six episodes of the new VH1 docuseries, Drag Race: Vegas Revue, simply aren't enough for fans. The show follows Drag Race queens Asia O'Hara, Kameron Michaels, Naomi Smalls, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Derick Barry, and Yvie Oddly as they prepare for their first Las Vegas residency, navigate interpersonal drama, and respond to the nationwide coronavirus shutdowns that ultimately put their live show on pause. As one viewer put it on Twitter, Drag Race: Vegas Revue is "the Real Housewives of Drag Race we’ve always needed," and people want to see it continue.

So far, VH1 hasn't announced any plans for a Vegas Revue Season 2, but the pandemic could actually increase the chances of a renewal. After nearly a year hiatus, the queens are set to return to the Flamingo Las Vegas on Jan. 28, 2021. And considering the first season was cut short, the cameras may as well come along to film everything that unfolds behind-the-scenes.

“There’s so much horny little puppy dog energy going – people kissing people, people kissing the sidewalk. It is a love fest ... we’ve already had a throuple," Yvie told Variety of the show, referring to Derrick and his partners Nebraska Thunderf*ck and Nick San Pedro. "I’ve never personally seen that depicted in pop culture," she added. "It’s crazy.”

Plus, the queens will have more theater experience under their belts when they return to Vegas, which could bring a new layer to a second season. "We all had to learn – this is what tech rehearsal was like, and it was grueling," Yvie said. "We were all like babies swimming together."

Your move, VH1.

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