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Every Season Of Gilmore Girls Described In One Sentence

Including the Netflix reboot.

Lorelai and Rory in 'Gilmore Girls' at the Stars Hollow dance-a-thon
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Gilmore Girls has been in the zeitgeist for two decades. Though it premiered in 2000 — which feels more like 50 years ago than 20 — it still has faithful stans who've never let their love for Stars Hollow wax and wane, many of whom can probably recite every episode of Gilmore Girls from memory while eating Pop-Tarts and drinking coffee through an IV.

Still, it's not an easy feat: with seven seasons of quick-witted dialogue and ever-changing boyfriends, it's hard to keep track of what happened when. That's particularly true for the show's beloved secondary characters, like Kirk, Lane, Ms. Patty, and even Taylor, whose side stories helped create the beautiful tapestry that is Stars Hallow but often played second fiddle.

Plus, because any true Gilmore Girls fan has seen the show at least a few times, the seasons may have blurred together at this point. So, for easy reference, here's every season described in one sentence.

Season 1

Lorelai and Rory are forced to attend weekly Friday night dinners with the Gilmores in exchange for Rory's exorbitant Chilton fees; Lorelai later gets engaged to Rory's teacher, Max Medina, and her daughter dates a cute boy named Dean.

Season 2

Lorelai calls off her wedding to Max Medina and briefly gets back together with Rory's dad, Christopher; although she's still with Dean, Rory becomes smitten with Luke's nephew, Jess, and kisses him at Sookie's wedding.

Season 3

Dean and Rory break up at Star Hollow's 24-hour dance marathon, so she dates Jess before he rudely skips town; meanwhile the Independence Inn catches on fire, and at Rory's high school graduation, Lorelai finds out that she and Sookie got the Dragonfly.

Season 4

Sookie and Lorelai open the Dragonfly Inn and Rory goes to Yale (didn't you see the town buttons?), where she rooms with none other than Paris Geller; Richard and Emily separate, and Rory loses her virginity to Dean, who is very much married.

Season 5

Rory breaks up with sad-sack Dean (bless), starts dating Logan, steals a yacht, and drops out of Yale; Lorelai finally gets together with Luke, eventually proposing to him, and her parents renew their vows.

Season 6

After living in the Gilmores' pool house and doing community service, Rory returns to school and moves in with Logan; Luke and Lorelai break up after he finds out about his long-lost daughter, April, and Lane marries Zach.

Season 7

Lorelai has a short-lived marriage to Christopher but ultimately gets back together with Luke; Logan proposes to Rory, but she rejects him and gets a job covering Barack Obama's campaign after graduating from Yale.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life

It's been 10 years since Season 7, Richard has just died, and Emily Gilmore is wallowing in grief; Logan and Rory are sleeping together but eventually break it off, Lorelai and Luke get married (finally!) after she "does Wild," Rory writes a memoir about her life with Lorelai, and in the final moments of the series, she says those long-awaited last four words: "Mom, I'm pregnant."