There's A Lot To Catch Up On With 'Gilmore Girls'

We said “Bon Voyage” to Gilmore Girls in the aptly titled finale episode on May 15, 2007. So with the revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiering on Netflix on Nov. 25, 2016, we are all anxiously waiting to see where the Gilmores’ lives pick up now. If we're talking air dates, nine years, six months, and 10 days have passed between the Gilmore Girls finale and Netflix revival — but, who’s counting? It seems that about the same amount of time has passed in the world of the show as well. According to TV Guide, the revival picks up about 10 years after the events of the series finale. This all makes sense, as Rory is 32 years old in the new episodes and had just graduated from Yale in "Bon Voyage."

Though it's been about a decade, teasers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life show that while many things have changed, there are some things about Stars Hollow will always be the same. We have learned that all three generations of Gilmore women are facing a personal crossroads. And, we know all of our favorite Gilmore boyfriends are back, even if it is just for a cameo. So, there are endless possibilities about what could happen on the series, and tons of fan theories on the Internet guessing who could be getting together, getting pregnant, and even dying in the revival series.

People think Lorelai could be pregnant, or that Rory is ending up with an old flame, and some people think Luke will die. I personally hope none of these are true, because Gilmore Girls was never about shocking twists and soap opera-esque emotional roller coasters. The series was a smart look at lifelong relationships, and I hope the finale keeps the same integrity. And, the trailer and news about the upcoming four-part series looks promising. Here’s what has actually been revealed about our favorite characters’ lives over the past decade and some guesses as to what could've happened in that time based on the trailer.


Where we left off: Lorelai and Luke ended up back together in the finale episode. And, Lorelai was running a successful inn (Hello, Christiane Amanpour stayed there in the last episode).

What we know about life in 2016: We know that Lorelai and Luke are still together, and that Lorelai is still running The Dragonfly. And, we know she is at a personal crossroads and is possibly reevaluating decisions she has made with Luke.

What we can guess from the trailer: Perhaps Luke and Lorelai never got married or took a step forward, which could be what all of the turmoil is about in the trailer. Lorelai says, “I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going, but lately I don’t know, things seem hazier. We’re happy, Luke and I are happy.” She doesn't seem convinced, and neither am I.


Where we left off: Rory graduated from Yale, declined Logan’s proposal, and set off to cover Obama’s 2008 campaign.

What we know about life in 2016: We know that Rory is facing challenges in the changing field of journalism. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Alexis Bledel said, “[Rory] has been working very hard … The thing that, you know, has changed is her field. So she has to adapt along with it and that's where we pick up."

What we can guess from the trailer: Rory is struggling with this change, and, like her mother, is reevaluating things. She says, “I’m feeling very lost these days. I have no job, I have no credit, I have no underwear.” But before you get too heartbroken, the trailer reveals she is discussing her new vagabond lifestyle with Jess at what appears to be Stars Hollow Publishing. She says, “I could have been a contender,” to which he responds, “You’re still a contender.”

Emily (& Richard)

Where we left off: Rory may have moved away, but Richard and Emily were going to continue their Friday Night Dinners with Lorelai.

What we know about life in 2016: The actor who played Richard, Edward Herrmann, passed away in 2014. Sadly, we have also lost Richard. We know Emily is picking up the pieces and figuring out what to do, since so much of her life was tied to Richard. Above everything else, Richard and Emily loved and defended each other.

What we can guess from the trailer: Emily is wearing jeans. I repeat, Emily Gilmore is wearing jeans. We are really seeing a different side to Emily, who appears to be on her own journey of self-discovery while grieving her late husband.


Where we left off: Sookie and Jackson were expecting their third child, to Sookie’s surprise. It took time, but it seemed that Sookie eventually forgave Jackson for lying about his vasectomy.

What we know about life in 2016: For a while it was unclear whether Melissa McCarthy, whose career has skyrocketed since the series ended, would return for the revival. And now we do know that she'll appear in the Netflix series, but we’re not sure how much Sookie we are getting. However, McCarthy did tell E! News of the revival, “I think [fans] are going to be really happy. I think they're going to be thrilled."

What we can guess from the trailer: Sookie is seen at the Dragonfly Inn baking a cake just as clumsily, adorably, and deliciously as we remember. But, there is a theory that Sookie and Jackson divorced at some point over the last nine years. It would make sense considering he lied about a vasectomy and Sookie may not have been able to appear in as many episodes. Say it ain't so!


Where we left off: Lane just had twins and came to the realization that the family would not be able to accompany Zack on a tour that could have been his big break. The couple decided to rock it long distance while he went on the short tour. And, we all knew they would be fine.

What we know about life in 2016: Based on pictures from the set, it seems that Lane and Zack are still together and jamming together. And, a Time article promises we will see Lane’s tween twins, Kwan and Steve. Oh, we also know Mrs. Kim is coming back.

What we can guess from the trailer: Lane is only in the trailer for a brief moment rocking out. And, this gives me hope that her rock ‘n’ roll dreams came true!


Where we left off: Paris was going to Harvard Medical School and still going strong with her Yale beau, Doyle.

What we know about life in 2016: We see Paris and Rory at Chilton. She could be an employee, or this could be an alumni event or career day. We also know that Liza Weil, who plays Paris, confirmed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that Paris and Doyle are “both in it and that we have scenes together.”

What we can guess from the trailer: We really just get blink and you’ll miss it moment of Paris at Chilton. But any amount of Paris Geller is an intense amount of Paris Geller.


Where we left off: Luke is in love with Lorelai, concerned about her eating habits, and running Luke’s Diner. Oh and he has a daughter named April, or whatever.

What we know about life in 2016: Luke is in love with Lorelai, concerned about her eating habits, and running Luke’s Diner. Oh and he has a daughter named April, or whatever.

What we can guess from the trailer: Luke is in love with Lorelai, concerned about her eating habits, and running Luke’s Diner. Oh and he has a daughter named April, or whatever.

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s Luke Danes. But hey, there is a weird limo that pulls up in front of the diner in the trailer, I wonder who's inside?

While there is a lot we know about the past nine years, there is still so much that we don't know about how our favorite Gilmore Girls characters have spent the last 10 years of theirs lives. Luckily, Nov. 25 is right around the corner to get us reacquainted.

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