Laura Tott From First Dates Married Her Long-Term Mystery Boyfriend

After years together, we still only know his name.

'First Dates' waitress Laura Tott
Channel 4

Remember Laura Tott, the former waitress from Channel 4’s First Dates? In a gorgeous three-part Instagram dump, Tott announced that she married her long-term partner, Sean Clarke, on August 7. Whilst the restaurant worker-turned-paramedic has kept her relationship largely out of the public eye, the couple’s ceremony looked like a wedding Pinterest mood board came to life.

The 27-year-old TV personality was joined by her friends and family for a beachside wedding in Devon. The social media post shows Tott dressed in a sweeping lace-patterned gown with a ruffled chiffon skirt and veil. The NHS worker found the eggshell white dress, designed by Canadian Paloma Blanca, at a bridal shop in Warrington.

The first image shows Tott and her husband kissing under an extravagant floral arch set against a gazebo, whilst the second one is framed by the sun, sea, and sand. In the caption, Tott referred to her and her partner as “Mr. and Mrs. Clarke.”

The now-paramedic joined First Dates as a waitress from its launch in 2013 all the way to 2021, when the filming for the show moved from London to Manchester. In a previous interview with the Daily Mirror, Tott said she cannot pick out a favourite couple from the show, “We love the stories with the marriages and the babies. And I have a soft spot for elderly couples like Doreen and James — it shows there’s no age limit to love.”

Doing justice to her affinity for romance, Tott announced her engagement through an Instagram post in June 2021, where she showed off her diamond ring and wrote: “Well, I better get planning that hen do, always keep my relationship off social media and I love that it’s just for me, but wanted to share this with you all, cos I’m absolutely over the moon.”