Joe Jonas Joined Francis Bourgeois For A Spot Of Trainspotting

And it is the crossover of the century.

Just when you thought our favourite trainspotter couldn’t get any more wholesome, Francis Bourgeois has been joined by yet another star-studded celeb in his latest TikTok endeavour, in the form of Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas.

Bourgeois’ trainspotting videos have become wildly popular over the past few months, amassing over 30 million likes on TikTok and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. His viral videos involve taking viewers on his trainspotting excursions from the unique and distinct view of the GoPro camera strapped to his head.

In a video posted on Jan. 12, Bourgeois introduces his new celebrity guest as his “friend Joe who has come from America”, panning to a waving Jonas. The pair then excitedly wave to the two trains passing by and even get a horn sounded by one of them, which of course garnered an even more excited reaction from Bourgeois and Jonas. Cue hysterical laughing and clapping.

And there’s even been a follow-up video, which was posted on Bourgeois’ social media on Jan. 13, where Jonas has been handed GoPro duties telling viewers that he’s “gonna get these tones”. And yes, you guessed it, it involves even more excitement from our new favourite trainspotting pair.

Joe Jonas has also shared the trainspotting videos to his own Instagram account, captioning the latest one with “Surprise tones on the WCML!! More Trainspotting with the one and only @francis_bourgeois43.”

The reaction to this collaboration has been one of pure joy, with many taking to the comments to share their love for the new trainspotting pair, including some from fellow celebrities. Vanessa Hudgens even (High School Musical, Princess Switch) commented on Jonas’ video with “Love him. And you.”

It’s safe to say that we’re here for this new pairing and cannot wait to see what they do next.