The Gilmore Girls Comparisons May Help Ginny & Georgia Secure A Season 2

Fans could see the show return next year if it gets renewed.

Austin, Georgia, and Ginny on Ginny & Georgia via the Netflix press site

Netflix's Ginny & Georgia is being billed as a darker riff on Gilmore Girls, if Lorelai was a con artist. The show follows free-spirited mom Georgia, who thinks she has a great relationship with her teenage daughter Ginny, but there are some serious secrets bubbling under the surface that threaten this close-knit family unit. And that intrigue is what will likely keep fans tuning in for each new episode and potentially for a Season 2. Like many a twisty drama, Ginny & Georgia also ends with a pretty major cliffhanger — although even that's not a guarantee for a renewal from Netflix these days. (R.I.P. Teenage Bounty Hunters.)

It helps that Ginny & Georgia already has so much buzz surrounding it. Being compared to a fan-favorite show like Gilmore Girls could help attract that fan base's audience. And once they start watching, they may find themselves hooked. TV Guide called Ginny & Georgia "a show that's immensely watchable" thanks to all the twists and turns that keep fans engaged episode-to-episode. And if enough people watch the first season, that will give Netflix incentive to bring it back for more.

Season 1 of the show filmed in late 2019 and took over a year to hit the streaming site, although that delay in airing could likely be attributed to the pandemic shifting a lot of television schedules. If Season 2 gets the green light, it could film later this year for a February 2022 release, similar to how most Netflix series go a year between seasons.


Reviews for the show have been generally favorable, and the Gilmore Girls comparisons have generated a lot of buzz. So if enough people watch, a renewal could be in the cards.