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Lucas & Simone’s Grey’s Anatomy Wedding Plans Remind Viewers Of Derek

Did you catch the reference in the April 6 episode?

Patrick Dempsey as Derek on 'Grey's Anatomy.' Photo via Getty Images
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Spoilers ahead for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Episode 13. Between his great hair and love triangle woes, Lucas is definitely Derek’s nephew on Grey’s Anatomy — but during the show’s April 6 episode, yet another connection became clear. It all started when Simone asked Lucas to be the “man of honor” at her upcoming wedding. “I know this might be weird, and if it’s still hard for you, you can say no,” she said. “But you know me better than anyone here. Better than anyone at my old program, actually. And I could really use a friend to get me through this. I’m asking you to be my man of honor.”

Despite making it clear how much he was into Simone episodes earlier, Lucas happily obliged. “It’d be an honor,” he said. But interestingly, he’s not the first member of his fictional family to be tasked with wedding party duties when he’s secretly pining for the bride. In fact, Patrick Dempsey starred in a rom-com that was very similar.

That’s right: it’s time to talk about 2008’s Made of Honor. The film sees Dempsey play Tom: a man who realizes that he’s in love with his best friend, Hannah. However, on a work trip, she met a Scottish beau who proposed to her first — and she asked Tom to be maid of honor. Incidentally, her new beau is played by another Grey’s Anatomy star, Kevin McKidd. So, it’s basically required viewing for Grey’s fans.

Several viewers took to Twitter to point out the surprising parallel.

And of course, even those who didn’t clock the Made of Honor connection could see that Lucas and Simone’s arrangement would likely not end well. How could it?

Fortunately, if the parallel plays out, then you can expect Lucas and Simone (or #Lumone, as fans have affectionately dubbed the couple) to be endgame — even if the wedding is, indeed, as messy as it seems. In Made of Honor, Tom engages in some My Best Friend’s Wedding-esque hijinx before confessing his feelings to Hannah at the last minute. And spoiler alert: it’s mutual.

The Grey’s cast and crew have hinted at Lucas and Simone’s future, too, and things are promising. “Lucas and Simone have a bumpy ride ahead of them,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told TVLine at PaleyFest. “But in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, there’s so much there between them that it’s impossible to ignore.”

“I don’t think the fans will be disappointed, that’s for sure,” added Niko Terho, who plays Lucas.