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A Grey’s Anatomy Necklace Theory Hints At Callie & Arizona’s Relationship

Calzona stans, look closely...

Callie and Arizona on 'Grey's Anatomy.' Photo via Getty Images
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The April 4 episode of Grey’s Anatomy welcomed Arizona Robbins back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for an innovative fetal brain surgery. But while medical history was being made, the real question on many fans’ minds was, naturally... Are Callie and Arizona together in New York?

Sadly, Arizona didn’t discuss her relationship status during her visit to Seattle. Sure, most of the people she interacted with probably would’ve known what she was up to. But still! It certainly would not have hurt to hear one way or the other, especially since Arizona’s exit six (!!!) years ago seemed to leave things open for a positive relationship with Callie — with the women reuniting in New York to parent their daughter, Sofia, together. “Every time I get a text from Callie, I smile,” Arizona said in the Season 14 finale.

Without any word from Arizona, fans scrambled for other clues — such as her jewelry, or lack thereof — for a hint about her personal life.

A Missing Heart

Arizona was her classic, cheery self during the April 4 episode. She even referred to the new class of interns as “tiny surgeons,” a spin on her go-to nickname for her pediatric patients, “tiny humans.”

However, there was one notable absence: Arizona’s gold heart necklace. During many of Callie and Arizona’s scenes together in the past, the couple sported matching heart necklaces (Arizona’s in gold; Callie’s in silver).

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But during the April 4 episode, Arizona wasn’t wearing her pendant — just a gold chain. As one user on X (formerly Twitter) noted, “Looks like they gave us the clues that Arizona and Callie are not back together. No necklace and no ring.” Another fan wrote that including Arizona’s jewelry would have been a way to “remotely hint” at Calzona’s fate.

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Perhaps the missing ring could be explained away: Maybe she pinned it out of sight, for example. And Callie and Arizona could technically be together without being remarried. But as for the necklace, Arizona wore that to work several times throughout the series. Surely if she were with Callie in any meaningful way, that token would’ve make a comeback, too.

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Could Calzona Live On?

Though several viewers were troubled by the apparent implication that Calzona wasn’t “endgame,” others tried to hold out hope. For example, multiple viewers wrote that Arizona’s speech to her patient about pain having a “purpose” and “life on the other side of it” could be a figurative nod to starting anew with Callie after their tumultuous breakup.

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis told Deadline that Jessica Capshaw’s return as Arizona would be for one episode — but who knows about the future? Between the newly renewed Grey’s Anatomy Season 21 as well as Capshaw and co-star Camilla Luddington’s just-announced podcast, it seems that the Calzona conversation may very well continue.