What To Know About The Opulent Family From HBO's Crazy Rich Asians-Inspired Docuseries

From the strict patriarch to a partying auntie.

The House of Ho cast, via HBO Max press site.
Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max

Reality TV loves to showcase the lives of the rich and famous, and HBO's new docusoap House of Ho is no different. Centered on a wealthy Vietnamese American family in Houston, Texas, House of Ho follows patriarch Binh Ho and all the members of his close-knit family, from his kids to their influencer cousin and rebellious aunt.

A big part of House of Ho is about flaunting their opulent lifestyle. But it's also about the drama that unfolds within an intergenerational and patriarchal Asian family, and how The House of Ho cast all experience their own unique struggles. "Rarely do you come across a family that is so rich in so many ways – not just in wealth, but in heart, traditions and love for each other,” HBO Max vice president Jennifer O’Connell told Deadline. “There’s great pride in being a Ho and they are ready to give the world a seat at their luxurious table."

Here's everything to know about the glamorous Ho family.

Binh Ho

Per Deadline, Binh Ho is described as the "super strict patriarch" with "nothing but good intentions." As their daughter Judy explained in the House of Ho trailer, her parents were refugees who immigrated from Vietnam in 1975. Today, Binh is an investment banker at Lu Investment, Inc.

Hue Ho

Hue is a "highly critical mom" who also defends her children against Binh's anger, particularly when it comes to their son Washington's drinking and partying. Outside of her family, Hue's passion is cooking, and she hosts weekly Sunday dinners.

Judy Ho

Judy is the eldest child of Binh and Hue. The most responsible of her siblings, she became a lawyer and is now the mother to three kids. In the trailer, she also reveals that she's going through a divorce; while her parents clearly disapprove of this, she says, "I'm enjoying my life as a divorced woman."

Judy Ho's Instagram has a few family photos, but it appears she mostly stays off of social media.

Washington Ho

Unlike his older sister, Washington is characterized as a former playboy and partier who tends to lead a destructive lifestyle. It's likely House of Ho will follow Washington as he begins his journey toward sobriety. In a Dec. 9 Instagram post, Washington wrote that he decided to give up drinking in November 2019. "I’ve done a lot of difficult things in my life...most of it self inflicted," he wrote. "I decided to give up drinking and live a sober life ... I did it so I could be the best ' Washington Ho' that I know I can be, so that I could inspire my kids to stand up for what they feel is right for them." His Instagram bio includes a link to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website.

Today, it looks like Washington spends a ton of time with his kids Roosevelt and Lincoln and his wife Lesley.

Lesley Ho

Lesley is Washington's wife, and she juggles raising their kids with working as a pharmacist full-time. She grew up in a middle class family in Oklahoma, and House of Ho follows her as she learns to adapt to a lavish (and demanding) lifestyle.

Like Washington, Lesley Ho's Instagram is full of pictures with their kids.

Aunt Tina

Tina is Binh's sister, and compared to her brother she seems much less conservative. She wears short dresses, dyes her hair purple, and parties with the newly divorced Judy.

"You know that Aunt Tina will be the breakout star of this show," wrote one YouTube commenter.

Cousin Sammy

Finally there's the Ho's cousin Sammy, who becomes Washington's head of marketing during the course of the show. Her Instagram is full of modeling and workout pictures; she also has a YouTube channel where she reviews beauty products and gives gym advice.