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MTV's Catfish Is Finally Coming To The UK & You Can Be Involved

You can now apply to be a part of the MTV spin-off.


In 2010, filmmaker Nev Schulman became the focus of a documentary that would inadvertently expose the deceptive side of social media. What followed was the hugely successful investigative series Catfish: The TV Show, which explores the truths and lies of online dating. Now, the MTV reality hit is finally making its way over to the UK, and if you need help getting to the bottom of your very own online investigation, here's how to apply for Catfish UK.

According to an official Catfish UK social media callout, applicants must be aged 18 or over and can sign up to take part in the series by emailing the show at, or by calling 07743 001261. Alternatively, hopefuls can fill out the show's online application form, which reads: "Are you in an online relationship but have never met in person?Are you bored of hearing excuses why they can’t meet or video chat?Or are you keeping a secret from your online love? If so, then get in touch."

As the Mirror reports, MTV producers have already begun scouting daters across the UK, and are in search of those who have grown suspicious of their online love interest's true identity. “There are Catfish stories all over the world and MTV are so excited to bring it to the UK. They are already finding some incredible, mysterious online dating stories that need to be told," a source revealed to The Sun.

Plans for a UK version of the MTV phenomenon were first drafted up back in 2016, when it was revealed Catfish UK would debut with a twist on the original format — one that would see the so-called Catfishes come clean and reveal the truth about who they really are, the Mirror reports.

The original series first debuted back in 2012, and follows hopeless romantics from across the U.S. as they seek to come face-to-face with their online other-halves with the assistance of the show's co-hosts.

Catfish: The TV Show season 8 is currently airing on MTV UK.