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Here's How To Apply For 'Naked Attraction'

Channel 4's most risqué dating show is looking for contestants for the seventh series.

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Channel 4's dating show with a twist is back for its seventh series, and a fresh batch of Naked Attraction contestants will once again strip-off in a bid to land themselves a date. Each episode, a participant on the look-out for love is presented with six (very naked) potential dates, and although the idea of baring all on national television fills most with sheer dread, you can actually put yourself forward to take part in the Channel 4 series, and here's how to apply for Naked Attraction.

Applying to be on the show is as simple as popping over to its production company Studio Lambert’s website and registering you interest by providing you name, email address, and phone number.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, the Naked Attraction format sees single men and women select one person to take on a date from a group of six hopefuls. However, the potential dates are required to stand fully naked in cubicles with only their genitals on display. After each round, one naked hopeful is eliminated — and throughout the episode, the contestants faces are eventually revealed. When the final two potential dates have been selected, the singleton later joins them in their nakedness by stripping completely nude themselves. After some deliberation, a Naked Attraction winner is finally chosen, and a (clothed) date subsequently takes place.

Naked Attraction is fronted by host Anna Richardson, who has previously defended the dating show following a string of criticism. Speaking to the Press Association, she said: "When you look at other reality shows and other reality dating shows, they tend to focus on perfection, youth, beauty, everything that is really transient and fake in the world. And so with Naked Attraction, we are as real as real can be, and I think that’s why cross-generationally, people really enjoy it." Richardson went on to describe the series as being a "massive celebration," and explained that Naked Attraction is supposed to be centred around "acceptance and inclusion."

So, if you're looking for love and appreciate the human form in all its glory, you might just be a perfect fit for next year's series, but for now, you can enjoy the seventh outing of Naked Attraction which kicks off later this year on Channel 4 — and if you're hoping to catch up with older episodes, you can find the first six seasons in their entirety on All 4. Enjoy.

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