'Naked Attraction's Backstage Secrets Might Make You Think Twice About Applying

Naked Attraction/Channel 4

Naked Attraction is a dating show with a twist. Instead of meeting face-to-face, contestants are asked to choose a partner by solely comparing the different anatomical parts of six naked bodies (genitalia included). And, while most things are on full display during filming for the series, there are actually quite a lot of Naked Attraction backstage secrets you probably didn't know about.

So, "what are they?" I hear you ask. Well, during an interview with iNews, a former Naked Attraction contestant, known only as Gavin, revealed a few details that may surprise you. For example, although the show is aired pretty late at night, contestants are expected on set at 7 a.m. Despite the early start, they could then be waiting around in the buff for quite a while after. "It’s a long day," Gavin explained. "They do some hair and make-up and then you get to meet the people you’re up against."

He added: "You’ve got about two hours of standing in a box until it all starts. It ended up being from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon to film half an hour of television." Yikes.

I reached out to Channel 4 for comment about the claims. A spokesperson for the show tells me: "All participants have a dressing gown to wear during any time they are waiting to film and are chaperoned by members of the production team to ensure the pickers and their potential dates do not meet ahead of filming."

Hmm. OK. Well, apart from the early start and long hours, what else is there to know about Naked Attraction behind the scenes?

Naked Attraction/Channel 4

According to The Huffington Post, each Naked Attraction contestant who is picked is given two chaperones to make sure they don't bump into potential suitors while the show is being filmed. In addition, during the same iNews interview, Gavin also revealed that while contestants who end up taking part on the day aren't paid anything, contestants who turn up on standby and fail to appear on the show are paid £75 for their trouble.

So what's next for the Channel 4 show? In March this year, there were reports in The Sun that Channel 4 was trying to organise a celebrity edition of Naked Attraction in aid of raising money and awareness for charity, Stand Up To Cancer. However, the reports also noted that producers had a lot of difficulty getting celebrity contestants — allegedly including the likes of Joey Essex and Lauren Pope — to sign up. Of course, the actual Stand Up To Cancer initiative took place earlier this year and no such episode aired, so I presume that attempt was unsuccessful. Instead, a mixture of celebrities took part in a Full Monty routine for charity. But that doesn't mean a famous face won't still make an appearance on the civilian show.

Rob Ross on YouTube

Last year, Naked Attraction featured one of Channel 4's very own reality stars, when The Undateables' Matthew Oghene cropped up in an episode, and it looks like the terrestrial channel could be looking into its pool of former reality stars once more. Recently, former Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton claimed in an interview with the Daily Star that she had been approached about appearing on the show, a request she reportedly declined. However, a Channel 4 spokesperson tells me that no such offer was ever made: "A celebrity version of the show has not been commissioned nor was Lisa Appleton approached to take part."

Naked Attraction/Channel 4

Naked Attraction is certainly not for the prudish or anatomically shy, but it has actually proved pretty popular — though not with Chrissy Teigen, who tweeted in shock when she discovered the show last year. Channel 4 has already commissioned a third series which will air later this year. Last year, The Huffington Post reported that thousands of people applied to take part in Naked Attraction's second series, meaning it's still proving a hit with the British public. Long live the nakedness!

Naked Attraction, Series 2, is currently airing on E4 every Wednesday