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Here's Exactly When HBO's ‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’ Is Airing In The UK

The true crime doc has U.S. viewers gripped.

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Almost two years after an arrest was made relating to the Golden State Killer, UK true crime fans will finally get to see I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. a The six-part docu-series is adapted from Michelle McNamara’s posthumous best-selling novel of the same name. McNamara ran a blog called True Crime Diary and spent much of her later years investigating the crimes of an individual that came to be known as the Golden State Killer. The new series premiered on HBO in the U.S. on June 28 and has been showing every Sunday since but, lucky for true crime fans in the UK, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark will also be available on TV and streaming sites over on this side of the pond.

Directed by Academy Award nominee Liz Garbus and based on the work of Michelle McNamara, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark features survivors and their families and highlights the devastation caused by the Golden State Killer on the West Coast of America during the 1980s. The series has caused a serious stir in the U.S. and for those hoping to catch it in the UK, it’ll be aired on Sky Crime from Aug. 30.

In the trailer released earlier in the summer McNamara reveals her nightly routine: “After my husband and daughter fell asleep I hunted the killer with my laptop.” She created her blog to document the horrific crimes and the way the Golden State Killer worked. According to Paul Holes, a detective we also hear from in the trailer, alongside writing her book (which her husband, actor Patton Oswalt, published after her untimely death in 2016) McNamara also managed to track down information about the killer that no one had ever seen before. “I just obsessed over it,” McNamara says in the trailer, “what drives me is the need to put a face on an unknown killer.”

As the New York Times reports, in 2018, just two years after McNamara's death, Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested for the crimes on the Golden State Killer. He was tracked down through a genealogy website and is currently awaiting trial.

The fact that it took decades and a life’s work to make an arrest makes this new docu-series all the more fascinating. McNamara fought for justice for the victims and their families as well as drawing the attention of the public to cases that she thought had fallen under the radar. Now we get to see exactly what all those years of hard work amounted to.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark will be available on Sky Crime on Aug. 30.

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