Idris Elba Used A Bunch Of Fart Jokes To Wish His Wife A Happy Anniversary

And they say romance is dead.

Idris Elba wished wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba a happy anniversary with a comical video.
Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Best anniversary gift suggestions usually include flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and romantic getaways. For Idris Elba, those aren’t the only good ideas. He and his wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, celebrated five years together as husband and wife on April 26, so he made her a heartfelt video — and packed it with fart jokes.

A Couple In The Wild

Elba posted his sort-of-gross-but-still-sweet video on Instagram on their anniversary. It’s made in the style of a wildlife documentary, with him narrating.

“Human beings find the sound of flatulence very funny,” he says in voice-over as the camera catches Sabrina on her phone in the kitchen. “Trying not to laugh is very difficult. Sabrina has been married to her farty-pants husband for five years. She tries her hardest not to encourage him by laughing. She knows if she doesn’t keep a straight face, he will keep going and going, and this behavior is true love.”

Clearly, romance isn’t dead. Elba continues to show snippets of their life together, including some sweet conversations they’ve had while video chatting. “You look very beautiful,” he tells her in one. He also goes on to sing for her, and his video ends with on-screen text conveying how much he loves her.

Love For 2

Although the video already made it clear, Elba reiterated his love for his wife in his caption. “Happy 5th year wedding anniversary Sabbi,” he wrote. “I love you like cooked food ALWAYS. ‘is that the game ??’”

Later, Sabrina also commemorated their anniversary. She didn’t use any flatulence humor, but she did show more adorable footage from their life together. “To the love of my life , Happy Anniversary,” she wrote, in part.

The Elbas got married in a beautiful ceremony in Morocco on April 26, 2019. They’d gotten engaged more than a year prior, in February 2018, when he proposed at a screening of his film Yardie. The moment was “a little spontaneous,” he admitted to People in November 2018, but he felt like it turned out “pretty romantic.”

One of the qualities that made Elba come to see that Sabrina was her sense of humor. “She makes me laugh and we share common goals,” he told People. “She makes me happy.”

It’s good to see they’re still making each other happy, farts and all.