Nadia's Breakup With Vinay On Indian Matchmaking Was Messier IRL

The change in dating him off-camera was "not positive."


On the new Netflix dating show Indian Matchmaking, Nadia Jagessar is looking for love. Or rather, a Mumbai matchmaker is looking for love on her behalf. The event planner from Morris, New Jersey, who founded her own events firm is tired of being the one planning the weddings. She wants to walk down the aisle herself.

Unfortunately, this dream still hasn’t come true for Nadia, who is no longer with Vinay or Shekar, the two men she dates across the series. On the show at least, Vinay stands her up. Twice. But there may be a more complicated version of the story than Netflix cameras capture. In a long, exculpatory Instagram post, Vinay admits to canceling both dates, but insists he was up front about it. After the first missed connection, he says he tried to woo Nadia back with flowers and gifts. But the second date he flaked on because he was sick. “After that day she ghosted me,” he says, adding that he has the receipts to prove it. “I was the one left heart broken and ghosted.” Her connection with Shekar fizzled, too.

Still, Nadia, who is of Indo-Guayanese descent, doesn’t regret the "surreal" experience of appearing on the show. “Being off camera definitely changed the dynamic between myself and the matches that I had continued talking to, and obviously, the change was not positive,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “But it helped me learn more about myself and what I’m looking for in a future partner.”

She hasn’t responded publicly to Vinay’s Instagram rebuttal of what went down between them, but her own account tells the story of a woman laughing and moving on. She continues to plan elaborate parties and weddings under the banner of her company Euphoria Events and does marketing for Givaudan, a Swiss cosmetics conglomerate. As Nadia says in her most recent post, "Gotta keep hustling!" Even, it seems, when your ex is trying to re-litigate your breakup on social media.