Where Is Nancy Now After Love Is Blind?

Here’s where she stands a year after filming Season 3.

During their time on 'Love Is Blind,' Nancy and Bartise did not get married. Here's where they stand...

If you’ve been watching Love Is Blind this long, you know that pod engagements don’t always turn into marriages — in fact, they rarely do. During the Season 3 finale, Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden proved to be the show’s latest marital casualties. After last week’s cliffhanger, Bartise told Nancy that he could not marry her at the altar. The decision “blindsided” Nancy, she said during the episode. “I wanted to believe that if I took a risk to love him for who he was, that he would do the same. There’s no point to love someone who doesn’t love me.”

While Nancy was heartbroken when the show was filmed last year, she tells Bustle that it was a “blessing” in hindsight. “I think Bartise saved me by saying no,” she says, adding that she’s proud of the difficult moments the couple got through, like their abortion conversation. But she also takes issue with how Bartise handled that topic later on. “I will be honest, I didn't like that he used my opinion against me,” she says. “He said that was one of the reasons why he said no, and I don’t think that’s right. Because I just don’t think that’s something that you would say to someone that you actually loved.”

In the aftermath of Nancy and Bartise’s wedding, Bartise told his almost-in-laws that their “journey can continue after today,” later explaining that he wasn’t actually out of love with Nancy. However, she hasn’t taken him up on that offer. “Watching back the season and seeing the show through Bartise’s lenses ... I had no idea he had doubts two weeks before our wedding,” Nancy says.

“The moment he said ‘No,’ that’s all I needed to hear,” she adds. Bartise, for his part, tells Bustle, “[Nancy] made it very clear that day that she wanted nothing to do with me after as far as a romantic relationship.” During the reunion, Nancy said she saw Bartise with a blonde woman on social media the day after their wedding. “Something eventually happened” between Bartise and that woman, he said, but he didn’t clarify further.

So, is Nancy still single after Love Is Blind Season 3? Besides the fact that she’s no longer with Bartise, Nancy’s relationship status is hard to know. More than a year after filming, though, it’s safe to say that Nancy has moved on — sharing major updates on social media like her journey with egg donation and her continued work in real estate. As far as her personal life, Nancy recently posted a TikTok where she sang the praises of self-love. “POV: I love myself first! Love from you is extra,” she writes.