Where The Love Is Blind Season 1 Couples Are Two Years After The Show

Some are married, some are dating new people, and some aren’t even on speaking terms.

Jessica Batten on 'Love is Blind' Season 1. She's holding wine and sitting on a couch in the pods.

After a nearly two-year wait, Love is Blind is returning for Season 2. That means new couples, new engagements, and likely new breakups, but it’s also been a while since we last saw the couples from Season 1, and things have shifted. Some of them are married, some are engaged to or dating other people, and others are even not on speaking terms. Here’s where they all ended up.

Lauren Speed-Hamilton & Cameron Hamilton

Of all the couples on Love Is Blind Season 1 Lauren and Cameron were clearly the fan favorites. The pair bonded quickly while talking in the pods and, after getting engaged sight unseen, eventually became one of the two couples who actually got married on the show. “Being able to meet Cameron and learn more about him — that was our introduction, through that mystical wall,” Lauren told Bustle in October 2020. “The worst part, though, was not being able to touch each other.” “Especially after we got engaged,” Cameron added. “We had to wait 24 hours to actually see each other. It was the longest 24 hours ever, but here we are today, a year-and-a-half later, so it was well worth the wait.”

Nearly four years since filming ended in 2018, Lauren and Cameron are still happily married and continue to build their lives together — in fact, they recently moved into a new home.

Giannina Milady Gibelli & Damian Powers

When Damian tried to propose to Giannina in Love Is Blind Season 1, she responded by saying “I see you as my equal and I'm just as strong as you” before getting down on one knee to propose to him instead. At the altar, however, Giannina said “I do” while Damian did not — leaving his then-fianceé heartbroken.

By the time the Love is Blind reunion filmed in 2020, Giannina and Damian were back together and trying to make their relationship work. But they broke up again in 2021, after Damian began a flirtatious relationship with Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago and decided to bring her to the reunion/anniversary party in Love Is Blind: After the Altar — despite the fact he was still dating Giannina at the time. Unsurprisingly, that led to several incredibly awkward interactions between the trio, and Giannina told Bustle that his choice marked a turning point for her. “That was the end for me as far as just, like, honestly? Being attracted [to him],” Giannina said. She confirmed to ET in August 2021 that the relationship was over for good and that she’d been single for several months.

Currently, Giannina is rumored to be dating Blake Horstmann, who was a contestant on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Based on his Instagram, Damian appears to still be single after splitting from Giannina (and didn’t end up dating Francesca either).

Matthew Barnett & Amber Pike

Despite some bumps in their journey to the altar, Barnett and Amber were the second couple to tie the knot at the end of Love Is Blind Season 1. During the pod phase of the show, Barnett was flirtatious with several women but ultimately chose to pursue a relationship with Amber — a decision that was complicated by Jessica’s attempts to pursue him even after he’d proposed. Though he and Amber still made it down the aisle, the interactions between Jessica and Amber (and Barnett’s choice to completely avoid Jessica) during the Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion special made it clear that many of those tensions remain.

While Amber and Barnett’s relationship was unfolding on the show, many fans wondered whether or not the couple would be able to make their relationship work longterm. Amber revealed during the Love is Blind reunion special in 2020 that they almost broke up in the early months of their marriage, but they got past it and are now still happily together.

Jessica Batten & Mark Cuevas

Basically everyone could tell that Jessica and Mark’s romance on Love is Blind Season 1 was doomed. Although the couple did seem to connect while in the pods, after they got engaged it appeared that Jessica was more interested in Barnett than her own fianceé. The two ultimately made it to their wedding day, but things imploded when Jessica left Mark at the altar. She later said that she’d tried to quit the show before her wedding to Mark, but that she felt pressured to see the relationship through to the end.

Post-show interviews also revealed that there was a lot about Jessica and Mark’s relationship that viewers didn’t see. Jessica claimed that Mark cheated on her during filming for the show, though a representative for Mark denied the allegations. After the series ended, Mark also dated Lauren “LC” Chamblin, another Love is Blind cast member, but she ended the relationship after rumors arose that he was cheating on her.

Unsurprisingly, Jessica and Mark have gone their separate ways, though they do appear to be on good terms. They’re currently both in long-term relationships with new people. Jessica is engaged to Dr. Benjamin McGrath, a foot and ankle surgeon and father of two. Mark is also engaged. He and his fianceé, Aubrey Rainey, had a child together in April 2021, who they named Ace.

Kelly Chase & Kenny Barnes

Like Jessica and Mark, Kelly and Kenny did make it to the altar, but they didn’t say “I do.” After the show aired, they revealed that they’d never intended to get married and were treating the engagement period as just more time to get to know each other. But there was a miscommunication: Kelly thought they would continue dating after the show, while Kenny had realized he wasn’t as emotionally available as he wanted to be and told her he needed to take some space from the relationship.

After spending a year alone, Kenny started dating and then became engaged to Alexandra Garrison. During the reunion special, he credited Love is Blind for putting him in the position to meet her. “This experiment, whether I understood it or not, allowed me to find the person I'm with today because it allowed me to open myself up, to truly be vulnerable,” Kenny said. “And I have the best girlfriend, for me.” Although Kelly appears to still be single, her reaction to Kenny’s engagement on Instagram suggests that the pair are on good terms.

Diamond Jack & Carlton Morton

Diamond and Carlton’s explosive breakup was one of the most talked-about moments from Season 1. Although the two hit it off in the pods, their relationship fell apart during their “engagement-moon” in Mexico when Carlton revealed that he was bisexual. They left the resort separately shortly afterward, and though Diamond said that they’d been trying to establish a friendship after the series ended, a 2021 Instagram post from Carlton suggested that there was still bad blood between them.

Based on her Instagram, Diamond appears to be single. Carlton’s relationship status is unknown as his Instagram page has seemingly been deactivated and he appears to be taking a break from being in the public eye.

Love is Blind Season 2 premieres on Feb. 11.