Jada From Cheer Is No Longer On The TVCC Team

She transferred to a new school following Cheer Season 2.

Trinity Valley Community College cheerleader Jada Wooten in 'Cheer' Season 2 via Netflix's press sit...

Cheer Season 2 follows the Navarro Bulldogs as they prepare to compete at the 2021 NCA National Championships against their rivals: the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinals. At the head of TVCC’s squad is Jada Wooten, a second-year tumbler and flyer.

Before joining TVCC, Jada earned a 2015 world championship title as a member of the Stingray Allstars Peach, as well as three subsequent worlds bronze medals with the Lady Bullets and the Cheer Athletics Panthers. After winning her fourth prize, Jada reflected on what she’d learned throughout her cheer career thus far, including “having a team bond and trusting your sisters.” “I am grateful for my journey and wouldn’t have made it this far without the ppl I met along the way. I wouldn’t be who I am or matured in such a way without the hard battles and defeats that I CRUSHED,” she wrote in in a May 2019 Instagram post. “Don’t sleep, give up, or be afraid of change or even leaving your comfort zone. Bless up.”

Though Cheer sees Jada at the top of the game, the show picks up after a rough couple of years for her. In February 2019, she wrote on Instagram that she’d had her first tumbling practice at TVCC after injuries from a nasty fall sidelined her for several months. “I’m proud of what I did today (absolutely killed it, even though I am OUT of shape.) and how I focused on my team and myself,” she wrote, crediting TVCC coach Vontae Johnson for motivating her.

With Coach Johnson’s guidance, Jada “trusted the process” and ultimately helped lead TVCC to win the 2021 national championship. “This year meant something to me that I still can’t seem to put into words,” Jada captioned an April 2021 Instagram post of behind-the-scenes competition photos and videos. “This team consisted of the best of the best athletes from where they came from, yet stayed so humble. I’m proud of repping TVCC and always will. We built different.”

Since then, however, Jada has left TVCC. Following filming for Cheer Season 2 — which culminated in April 2021 — Jada transferred to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas and joined their cheer team for the 2021-2022 season. “Blessed and on my way to big things. Thank you for all the love and support!!” she captioned a May 2021 Instagram post after committing to the SHSU Kats squad. In October, she even took the field at Houston’s NRG Stadium (the home of the NFL’s Texans). Most recently, she’s been trying to build up her tumbling skills.

“I hardly post tumbling videos anymore bc I’ve been so focused on stunting to be an all around athlete but today I decided to focus on tumbling and here’s what I did today,” she captioned a video in December 2021. “I haven’t done a one to full full in over a year or a two to full full in months. Guess it was time :)”