Jax & Sandoval Surprise Schwartz With A Wedding Gift On 'Pump Rules'

by Kristie Rohwedder
Charles Sykes/Bravo

The woodsy elegant miracle strikes again. When we last saw the Pumpers of Vanderpump Rules, Jax was blowing a gasket over Tom Schwartz’s younger triplet brothers missing their flight to Lake Tahoe (and potentially bungling the wedding surprise). Would the triplets make it in time? Would the triplets call Schwartz from their shared cell phone and let him know what happened? Would Jax’s stressed out eyes literally explode out of his head right there on the lawn of the Twenty Mile House? To be continued!

On the penultimate episode of the season, Pump Rules tied that nerve-racking loose end right on up: The night before Schwartz and Katie’s ceremony, the triplets arrived. Jax and Tom Sandoval’s last-minute ticket booking wasn’t all for naught. Though the triplets missed their original flight, they still got to Northern California the night before the wedding. If that isn't a woodsy elegant miracle, I don't know what is.

In the middle of the Taco Tuesday-themed rehearsal dinner, Sandoval let the viewers at home know that Bert, Billy, and Brandon had landed. After giving Triple B some dress clothes and explaining their cues, Sandoval returned to the festivities. He and Jax pulled the groom-to-be aside and asked if he’d mind getting his wedding gift early. Of course he wouldn't.

And then, it happened: Schwartz turned around, saw one of the Bs, and promptly freaked out. As Jax told Schwartz he wished they could get all three triplets there, a second B emerged. Schwartz freaked out again. And then, the third B emerged. Schwartz was crying, Jax was crying, Schwartz’s Lacoste slip-on sandals were crying, I was crying, everyone was crying. It was a perfect scene.

Just when I thought a better Triple B moment couldn’t possibly exist, Pump Rules served up the masterpiece that was the pre-wedding getting ready montage. As the guys got ready for Schwartz’s big day, Jax frantically buzzed around the cabin. He was on a mission: Prep the triplets for the wedding.

Jax asked Triple B to “swear to god” that they took showers. He made sure their suits and ties were all properly ironed and knotted. He asked Triple B if they were wearing clean socks “or the ones from yesterday.” You know, just covering all of the crucial bases. When one B admitted he was in fact wearing yesterday’s socks, Jax demanded he switch them out for a fresh pair. I repeat: Jax told another adult to change his socks.

Sandoval and Jax’s gift to Schwartz wasn’t just a gift to Schwartz. It was a gift to all of us.