A Surprise For Schwartz Hits Some Snags On 'Pump'

Tyler Kaufman/Bravo

Do you see that? Just up ahead? Yes, right around corner of what appears to be a wall made out of tea towel save the dates is the woodsy elegant ceremony of the century. On Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, we see the days leading up to the Bubbas’ wedding. Before Tom Schwartz and Katie's nuptials can happen, there are bags of candy to fill, bridesmaids dresses to try on, and triplet surprises to organize.

Toward the top of the hour, Tom Sandoval and Jax let the viewers at home know that Schwartz’s younger triplet brothers won’t be able to make the wedding… or won’t they? A week before the wedding, Sandoval and Jax decide the triplets should be there, travel costs be darned. So, they have an idea: pool their money and pay for the Schwartz triplets’ flights from Florida to Northern California. It is a sweet gesture of friendship rivaled only by Jax’s “Tom, Tom, & I” tattoo.

Sandoval gets one of the triplets on the phone, makes the offer, and asks if that’ll work with the triplets’ work schedule. The triplet accepts on behalf of all three triplets. When Sandoval and Jax say this will be a surprise for Schwartz, the triplet asks if he should call Schwartz to arrange anything. I love the Schwartz family.

Jax’s eyes go wide. Jax’s eyes bulge out of his head. Jax’s eyes look like they want to reach into the phone, grab the triplet by the shoulders, and hiss, “Don’t you know how surprises work?!”

Jax and Sandoval beg the triplet to not say anything Schwartz, and then beg the triplet to beg the other two triplets to not say anything to Schwartz. When the call is over, Sandoval and Jax look nervous. In a talking head, Jax worries he cannot depend on the triplets to keep a lid on the plan.

Will the surprise go accordingly? Or will a triplet accidentally spill the beans? Will Brittany spill the beans? Will Kristen spill the beans? Will Carter spill the beans? Will Gibson the Yorkie spill the beans? Will Jax’s screams about the triplets missing their flight spill the beans? Will the missed flight spill the beans? Will the spilled beans even make the wedding?

Y’all. The triplets miss their flight. One day before their brother’s big day, and they aren't on the plane they're supposed to be on. I mean, I’m sure they figure things out and find another plane to Northern California before it’s too late (the preview for next week's ep leads me to believe everything works out), but that won’t stop me from stressing. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Schwartz family... but what a headache.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this anxious while watching a reality TV progr— Oh, wait. I can remember: Lala ditching the flight up to Sonoma County. Travel drama, man. Gets me every time.