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Jonathon From The Bachelorette Has A Fun Hobby In Common With Jenn

He channeled Joey Tribbiani in a recent Instagram post.

Jonathon From 'The Bachelorette': Job, Instagram, Spoilers, & More. Photo via ABC
Disney/Ricky Middlesworth

After months of anticipation, Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette season is finally here, which means it’s time to meet her suitors and start sleuthing to see who will go far in Season 21.

One of Jenn’s 25 men is Jonathon Johnson, a self-proclaimed “medium king” from Los Angeles. “I treat every girl the same way I would want to see my mother and sister treated,” he says in his Bachelorette bio, adding that he’s excited to travel the world with Jenn.

Fortunately, it looks like he gets the chance, with The Bachelorette jetting off to Australia, New Zealand, and other international destinations.

So, are Jenn and Jonathon a match? Here’s everything to know about Jonathon’s job, Instagram, and reports about how he fares on Jenn’s season. Spoilers ahead!

Jonathon Has A Creative Career

According to his LinkedIn, Jonathon is a creative director and producer at TheLAB. Specifically, their website states that he heads partnerships for the agency. He also works as a model and content creator, and his Instagram is filled with workout snaps and nutritious meal ideas.

As he mentioned in his Bachelorette bio, Jonathon is close with his mom — as evidenced by a recent Instagram post, where he rushed to tell her he’s in the Bachelorette Season 21 trailer. (That’s him with Jenn on the helicopter date, BTW.)


In another Instagram post, Jonathon channeled Joey Tribbiani from Friends, donning a stylish sport jacket with the caption, “How you doin?”

Despite using Joey’s go-to pickup line, Jonathon is looking for a long-term commitment. “With his gorgeous smile, his entrepreneurial spirit, and a loyal heart, he has it all,” reads his Bachelorette bio. “Jonathon is just missing his partner by his side and is ready to meet the woman of his dreams.”

He Has Something In Common With Jenn

In a Bachelor Nation questionnaire, Jonathon shared his idea of a perfect date. For him, it consists of three stages: 1) fun, 2) wholesome, and 3) fun and wholesome. The first stage, he writes, would include activities like the arcade, batting cage, mini golf, paintball, or go-kart — the same vehicle Jenn rode in on for Night 1 on Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season.

So, Do Jenn & Jonathon Make It?

Now that you’ve had the chance to get to know Jonathon a bit better, is he a serious contender in Jenn’s season? According to Reality Steve, the pair’s helicopter date reportedly takes place in New Zealand in Episode 5. So, it seems that he sticks around for at least that long!

Beyond that, the specifics of Jonathon’s time on The Bachelorette are unknown, but Reality Steve has reported the names of Jenn’s final two men, and Jonathon isn’t one of them.