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Jenn’s Bachelorette Spoilers Tease The Season 21 Ending

It’s time to make your predictions.

Jenn's 'Bachelorette' Spoilers: Season 21 Leaks & Rumors
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The beginning of a new Bachelorette season means it’s time for future-minded fans to peek ahead at leaks and spoilers — and, yes, there are plenty of those for Jenn Tran’s journey.

As Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season taught viewers, it’s best to take every scoop with a grain of salt. ICYMI, the prevailing spoiler for his season claimed that he was engaged to Daisy Kent, but social media sleuthing revealed it was Kelsey Anderson all along.

Despite that mistake, Reality Steve remains the go-to source for Bachelor Nation spoilers, and he’s shared a bunch for Jenn’s season, explaining on recent podcasts that he’s “very confident” in his sources.

Without further ado, here are the most intriguing tidbits from Jenn’s Bachelorette spoilers so far.

Will There Be Drama?

Yes, that’s a given. Reality Steve claimed in a July 1 podcast episode that something is said in a Night 1 game of Truth or Dare that will “not sit well with a lot of the audience.” The podcaster didn’t share what that tidbit is, and said it may not be in the final cut of the season at all. However, he did tease in an earlier podcast episode that the subject of the story was someone “relevant to the season.” Hmm...

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There’s A Surprising Self-Elimination

In a June 25 podcast episode, Reality Steve reported that Aaron Erb (the twin brother of fellow franchise alum, Noah Erb) leaves early for an unexpected reason.

“He basically gets called to flight school ... and he’s going to get some sort of hero edit, because he’s leaving the show to go fly for our country,” the podcaster explained. (Aaron is a member of the U.S. Air Force.)

Who Goes To Hometowns?

According to Reality Steve, Devin Strader, Jeremy Simon, and Marcus Shoberg all get hometown dates. As of writing, the podcaster didn’t know who received the fourth date, but he said Jeremy went home before Fantasy Suites. The person who progressed, Reality Steve added, may be “a name that a lot of people dismissed early on.”

Jenn’s Engaged To...

Reality Steve said that overnights happen in Hawaii, and that Devin and Marcus are Jenn’s final two suitors. She reportedly gets engaged to Devin.

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There is another potential clue that Jenn will get engaged at the end of her Bachelorette season. Fans noticed that during Jenn’s recent appearance on Call Her Daddy, the Season 21 lead had a potential slip-up when defending her journey against critics.

“People were like, She’s too boring, or She’s too crazy, she wants to take shots,” Jenn said. “It’s like, God forbid I want to take a shot! I didn’t know that once you get engaged, you can’t take a shot. Or once you find love, you can’t take a shot.”

Many viewers interpreted the comment as Jenn accidentally saying she got engaged before correcting herself to a more general “find love” to prevent spoiling her own season. At the same time, she could have easily been referring to the Bachelorette journey (which is built around getting engaged), not her own experience.