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Katie From The Bachelor Went Viral On TikTok... For Pooping Herself

At! work!


Hopefully Matt James appreciates honesty, because Katie from The Bachelor is as candid as they come. Before leaving to film for Matt's season, the 29-year-old Seattle resident went viral on TikTok for a storytime video in which she graphically recounted a time she pooped herself at work. Yes, really. Since then, she's garnered nearly 250,000 followers and regularly posts videos about topics like sexting, enemas, and being a single cat lady. Aside from what she likes to joke about online, here's what you should know about Katie ahead of Matt's Bachelor premiere.

Katie's Job

Despite her unfiltered social media presence, Katie has a surprisingly conservative job as a bank marketing manager. On her Dec. 29 Instagram Story, she shared that she saw her coworkers for the first time since leaving to film The Bachelor and it was "super awkward" knowing they're about to see a very different side of her. It was also the first time she'd gone to work in-person since remote operations began at the start of the pandemic. In her viral poop video, she said the *incident* happened at a bank — likely the same one she works at now.

Katie's Instagram

Katie's Instagram username is the same as the one she has on TikTok: @ventwithkatie. She just has an extra "e" on Instagram. She doesn't have her last name listed on either profile, but her Instagram bio says she's there "just for fun," and she "randomly gained a large audience on TikTok." Her feed is a mixture of quality professional shots and TikTok reposts.

Bachelor Nation Thinks She Looks Like Kristina Schulman & Becca Kufrin Combined

And of course, she made a TikTok about it, which she also shared to Instagram. "You 3 could seriously be sisters," one person commented. "Deeeeefinitely Kristina," another wrote. "That’s crazy." If Katie sticks around Bachelor Nation long enough, the three are bound to meet (and take a very iconic photo) eventually.