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Katie May Have Accidentally Revealed Her Bachelorette Winner On Instagram

Nothing gets past Bachelor fans.

Bachelorette Katie Thurston, who may have accidentally revaled who she ends up with on Instagram via the ABC press site
ABC/Andrew Eccles

Potential spoilers and speculation ahead for Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season. Unlike The Bachelor, The Bachelorette has almost always ended with an engagement. And if rumors prove true, Katie Thurston’s season will be no different. “Katie definitely got engaged at the end of this,” Bachelor blogger Reality Steve claimed. “And unless she breaks up before the finale [airs] ... she’s happy and engaged as we speak.”

A source also claimed to The Sun that ABC executives “felt it was crucial for the future of the [Bachelor] franchise [that Katie’s season] have a more traditional, happy ending,” noting that viewers wanted to see the same outcome. “Producers didn't force Katie to get engaged but there was definitely pressure for it to end in that result,” added the insider. “Luckily, it all worked out.”

Exactly who Katie is engaged to is more of a mystery, though some Bachelor Nation sleuths believe Katie already accidentally revealed her winner on Instagram. In a May 14 post, the 30-year-old bank marketing manager captioned a photo of herself having an oceanside drink at the San Diego-area restaurant Duke’s La Jolla, “Something borrowed. Something blue.” That would be pretty innocuous if not for the fact that — as a Reddit user dug up — an unverified LinkedIn account states that Katie’s contestant John Hersey works as a bartender at Duke’s La Jolla. His Bachelorette bio also notes that he lives in Pacific Beach, California, which is about nine miles away from San Diego.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

After spending a week in the city with fellow Bachelor Nation stars including Jessenia Cruz, Marylynn Sienna, Alana Milne, Sarah Trott, and Chasen Nick, Katie expressed a desire to move to San Diego. However, when a fan asked in the comments section of a separate Instagram post if this desire to move has to do with her final rose pick, Katie replied, “hahah naaah I’m not that messy” along with a tears of joy emoji. (Katie currently lives in Seattle).

Regardless of who Katie picks in the end, she certainly had plenty of suitors to choose from. “Every single guy was so handsome,” she recently told People. “I don't have a type so every man that came in I was like, ‘Yes, yes and yes!’ They’re all such great guys. And that’s what made it exciting and hard at the same time.”

See how it all plays out when The Bachelorette premieres on June 7.