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After The Bachelor, Katie Is Entertaining Her Thousands Of TikTok Followers

She's kind of a big deal on the app.

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Katie and Matt on The Bachelor via the ABC press site
Craig Sjodin/ABC

After showing up to meet Matt James with her vibrator in hand, Bachelor contestant Katie Thurston quickly became a fan favorite. She keeps things very real, and it's this lack of filter that she thinks got her cast on the series to begin with. "I was just my 100 percent self, and I guess they found that pretty refreshing," she told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast about the process. "I had no filter. I didn't hide anything,"

Since the show wrapped filming in late 2020, Katie has kept up her honest streak, sharing funny stories about dick pics with her 250,000 TikTok followers via @VentWithKatie, as well as posting about how she refuses to fake orgasms. She also recently thanked her OG TikTok followers for supporting her long before she got The Bachelor role, while chiding fans on Twitter who were being mean to her fellow contestants.

Fans have seen both these sides of Katie on The Bachelor, too. Yes, there was the sex positive vibrator stunt and ensuing jokes from Episode 1, but then came her emotional conversation about losing a parent with Sarah Trott in Episode 3. What you see on The Bachelor seems to be exactly who Katie is IRL.

If she becomes a post-show influencer — as so many contestants do — we can likely expect some pretty funny #honest ads. She recently poked fun at influencers with a "pandemic survival box" unboxing video where she joked that her "cat lady" flask was the perfect container for a detox tea. If we have to see contestants sell things, we'd at least like to be entertained.

Katie turned 30 shortly after leaving The Bachelor, and judging by her social media accounts, she's now living her life to the fullest. Whether that's joking about how she's a combination of former Bachelor stars Kristina Schulman and Becca Kufrin, or dressing up with her cat and getting honest about sex. So, whether she ends up with Matt or not, at least fans all have their new fave contestant to follow.

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