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Everything To Remember From Killing Eve Season 3

The British thriller returns for its fourth and final season on Feb. 27.

by Kadin Burnett
Eve and Villanelle in the Season 3 finale of 'Killing Eve'

Following a dire Season 2 finale in which Villanelle left Eve to bleed out in Rome, Killing Eve Season 3 saw the women on almost entirely separate trajectories. While Eve worked to solve Kenny’s murder, Villanelle fought to get out of The Twelve and start a new life for herself.

In the fourth and final season, premiering on Feb. 27, Villanelle continues to struggle to become a better person. The trailer shows her attending therapy, where she admits that she killed two people even though she tried really hard not to. She also appears to turn to religion, and of course, finds herself drawn back to Eve. In other words, not much has changed.

Before the season debuts, you may need a refresher on where exactly we left our favorite cat-and-mouse duo. Here’s what you need to remember from Season 3.

Villanelle Wants Out

Throughout Season 3, Villanelle slowly falls out of love with the art of killing, “I don’t want to do this anymore,” she says in Episode 6. She then makes several attempts to escape her criminal lifestyle, killing coworkers and remaining difficult as ever. She travels back to her home village to reunite with what’s left of her family, only to leave her childhood house in a fiery mess. She tries to convince Konstantin to help her disappear, but before she can make her escape, she’s called back to meet with The Twelve. Villanelle being Villanelle, she murders the woman tasked with taking her in and leaves to go be with Eve. Season 4 will likely deal with the fallout of her insubordination.

Dasha Dies

Part of Villanelle’s disillusion with The Twelve has to do with Dasha (Harriet Walter), her former mentor and handler who turned out to be yet another manipulative, heartbreaking figure in her life. After realizing that her supposed promotion was just a ploy by Dasha to keep her in line, Villanelle hits her over the head with a golf club and leaves her to die. Eve finds her and injures her further in retaliation for hurting Niko (more on that later), but doesn’t kill her either. Eventually, Dasha is brought to the hospital, where she succumbs to her injuries after a visit from Konstantin.

Niko & Eve Are Done

Des Willie/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Niko is absent for most of Season 3, until it’s revealed that he left the chaos of London to move back to Poland and work in a small village. Despite Eve trying to work things out with Niko, he seems less than interested. However, that doesn’t stop Dasha from tracking Niko, stealing his phone, and luring Eve to Poland just in time for her to stick a pitchfork in Niko’s neck right in front of Eve. Thankfully Niko survives, but the last time we see him, he’s stuck in a hospital bed unable to his vocal cords and forced to communicate with Eve through a computer speaker. His last words to her: “Piss. Off. Forever.”

Carolyn Proves She Has A Heart

One of the driving forces in Season 3 is the death of Kenny (Steve Delaney). As Eve tries to unravel the mystery surrounding his death, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) watches stoically from the sidelines. Carolyn’s daughter, Geraldine (Gemma Whelan), comes home to offer her mother support, but it’s to no avail. Carolyn refuses to shed a tear at the wake, seems unbothered when one of her assistants is killed, and defies Paul Bradwell (Steve Pemberton), the new MI-6 official she’s made to work alongside. She finally snaps when she discovers that Konstantin — who may be Kenny’s actual father! — likely killed Kenny, tearfully holding him at gunpoint in Paul’s home. However, knowing that Paul is a double agent for The Twelve, she spares Konstantin and shoots Paul in the head, suspecting he had something to do with the orchestration of her son’s death.

Konstantin Bonds With His Daughter

Ludovic Robert/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Despite his prickly relationship with, well, every female character on the show, Konstantin tries to bond with his teen daughter Irina (Yugi Lagondinsky). In doing so, he attempts to flee the country to protect both of them. Unfortunately, Irina murders someone with a car and is now in jail while Konstantin tries to navigate the chaos on the outside world.

Eve & Villanelle Can’t Let Each Other Go

After three seasons of fighting, flirting, and trying to kill one another, Eve and Villanelle end Season 3 standing on a bridge, reflecting on their journey thus far. Eve laments that she feels like Villanelle brings out the worst in her. “I think my monster encourages your monster, right?” Villanelle asks, to which Eve responds “I think I wanted it to.” They then resolve to walk away from each other for good. But in the season’s final moments, both Eve and Villanelle turn and lock eyes, unable to move on.