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Everything To Know About Joe Millionaire Star Kurt Sowers

He may be the less wealthy bachelor on the show, but he’s nothing to sneeze at.

by Justice Namaste
A photo of Kurt Sower wearing a mustard t-shirt in episode two of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poo...
Wilford Harewood/FOX

When Joe Millionaire aired in 2003, it received backlash for misleading its contestants. The women on the show thought they were falling for a rich man only to find out in the end that he was not. Fox’s revival of the series, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, puts a twist on the original premise, featuring one Bachelor who’s a multi-millionaire and one who isn’t and only leaving the women in the dark about which man is which. Kurt Sowers happens to be the less rich of the two.

Sowers and the other lead, Steven McBee, both admitted to Us Weekly that they didn’t know anything about the original Joe Millionaire when they signed up for the new show. But they both found themselves surprised by how emotional the process was. “On this show, it was very difficult to eliminate these women. It was very difficult to say goodbye to them,” Sowers told Us. “Sometimes you felt like you weren’t even giving them a fair shot, even just because of the flow and the process. So it was extremely difficult [and] actually way more taxing on both of us than I think either of us expected.”

When it comes to what he’s looking for in a significant other, however, Sowers is clear. “I’m looking for a teammate to do life with,” he said. “We’ve got to share similar values, similar interests and more importantly, have a shared life goal of where we want to go in life, who we want to become and what kind of family we want to build. That's always what I’ve been looking for and that didn't change going into this.”

Get to know more about Sowers below.

Kurt Sowers’ Job

Sowers, 32, has managed to keep much of his personal and family life offline, but he has mentioned that he comes from a big family. Additionally, Sowers is the CEO of a construction and development company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The name and other details of his business are being kept private, but there has been fan speculation that he’s relatively wealthy — even if he doesn’t quite have the $10 million that’s in McBee’s bank account.

Kurt Sowers’ Instagram

Sowers is newer to Instagram than his co-star — the first post on his account @sir_kurt was in mid-2019 — but he’s managed to accumulate just under 10,000 followers in that time. Many of Sowers’ posts show him spending time with friends, including McBee. The two have remained coy about whether they found love with any of the women on the show, but told Us Weekly that they got close throughout filming.

Sowers also uses his Instagram to shares photos from his travels around and outside of the U.S., including places like Nashville and Tulum. Despite being based in Charlotte, he appears to spend a decent amount of time in New York City.