Love Island

Love Island’s Lacey Edwards Is Willing To Do The Splits To “Get Some Attention”

Here’s everything to know about the villa newbie.

'Love Island' 2022: Lacey Edwards

The eighth season of ITV2’s reality dating smash Love Island has kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the summer of 2022. However, this year’s islanders face yet another twist as four brand new bombshells are to enter the Love Island villa. Among the fresh faces is a confident 25-year-old, who is willing to pull out all the stops to get some attention. If you want to discover more about this particular newbie, here’s everything to know about Love Island’s Lacey Edwards.

What Is Lacey’s Job?

Lacey is from Swindon and currently earns a living as a professional dancer.

What Is Lacey’s Instagram?

Ahead of her Love Island debut, Lacey is approaching a respectable 5,000 Instagram followers — a figure that is likely to grow in the coming weeks. Followers should expect plenty of selfies, some holiday snaps, and photos of some of her most glamorous dancing gigs.

What Else Is There To Know About Lacey?

Lacey decided to apply for Love Island after her friends told her she’d be “literally perfect for it.” As for what she’ll bring to the show, Lacey believes the confidence and self-belief she has picked up working as a professional dancer will help her in the villa. “I am bringing all my confidence, all my chat, and I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, fans should look forward to Lacey’s “funny, bubbly, and positive” personality. However, she has “no problem” stepping on anyone’s toes. She continued: “Just because I am coming in later does not mean that I am not going to give it my all.”

When it comes to finding love, Lacey admits to being “very passionate” and falling in love “quite quickly.” Although, she does have a list of deal-breakers. “If someone doesn't have a sense of humour, if someone doesn’t like dogs. If someone is rude to waiters, I just think who do you think you are,” she explained.