Love Is Blind Stars Lauren & Cameron Revisit This Iconic Filming Location

No, they didn't go back to their pods.

'Love Is Blind' stars Lauren and Cameron returned to Mexico
Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Netflix's reality dating shows might not have proven that true love can blossom on an island or in pods, but this couple is definitely proof of, if nothing else, occasional success. Love Is Blind stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are revisiting an important relationship milestone from the hit Netflix dating show for a romantic getaway. The fan favorite couple has returned to the resort where they first got to know each other face to face.

As fans of the show will remember, after getting engaged in the pods and finally meeting each other in person, Lauren and Cameron were taken to the Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, along with the other couples who got engaged, for what Cameron now calls a "proposalmoon". Some pairings didn't make it past the first night (ahem, Carlton and Diamond), but Lauren and Cameron connected immediately, becoming one of the two couples who would eventually walk down the aisle.

Cameron and Lauren revealed on Instagram over the weekend that they have returned to the resort — just without the cameras this time. “We are back in the @grandvelasmaya - the resort where we had our ‘proposalmoon’ after we got engaged on #loveisblind,” Cameron wrote on Instagram. “So many wonderful memories are flooding back being here. I’ve never been anywhere more romantic.” And for those who are concerned, they are indeed taking every necessary precaution to vacation safely. “We are maintaining our social distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing," he added. "The lovely staff here is meticulously doing the same.”

Although it only premiered on Netflix in February, Love is Blind was actually filmed in late 2018, meaning it's been nearly two years since the couple made their first memories together in Playa Del Carmen. And in her own Instagram post, Lauren made it clear how excited she was to revisit those moments. “I’m taking a couple days to (safely sanitized socially distanced & masked besides pics/eating) really breathe and give my soul a little R&R," she wrote. "Excited to be back where it started for Cam and I on #LoveIsBlind... this time with no cameras (except for our own) or crew lol."

They should enjoy their socially distanced R&R now, as they have a packed schedule when they get back. Not only are they now the hosts of EllenTube online show Game Night, they're also planning a second wedding — as soon as it's safe to hold one again — for all of their family and friends that couldn't attend the small ceremony seen on the show. Can that wedding also stream on Netflix, please? Thanks.