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Lakeyn From Love Island's Instagram Confirms Her Love Of EDM & Music Festivals

There's a reason she and Carrington bonded over head-banging.

Lakeyn Call Love Island Season 2 via CBS Press Site

A devil entered the villa this week on Love Island, and she's about to steal Laurel's man. Lakeyn Call joined Love Island along with Julia Hall on Sept. 22, when the pair crashed a challenge dressed as a devil and an angel, respectively. Since then, Lakeyn has wasted no time in getting to know Carrington. They immediately bonded over a shared love of electronic dance music and family, upsetting Laurel, who's struggled to get deeper with Carrington in their relationship. After a challenge-spurred kiss with Lakeyn, Carrington says he's happy with Laurel, but just can't shake this new spark. An official recoupling will soon determine their fate, but until then, here's what to know about Lakeyn.

She's a 21-year-old college student.

According to her CBS bio, Lakeyn is a marketing student, and her LinkedIn says she attends Virginia Commonwealth University, which makes sense, as she's from Yorktown, Virginia. Her YouTube channel even shares some of her class presentations.

She loves music festivals.

Her conversation with Carrington about head-banging checks out — the majority of Lakeyn's Instagram grid is photos taken at music festivals, from Bonnaroo to Elements Music and Art Festival to Sunset Music Festival and more.

She has an affinity for neon signs.

When she's not posting pictures at concerts or at the beach, Lakeyn often shares photos of neon signs with catchy sayings that she presumably spots during her travels. One taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, says "Spirit Animal" and another illuminates the words "Let's Get Weird."

She's a Scorpio.

According to her Instagram, her birthday is on or around Nov. 11.

If Carrington chooses to recouple with Lakeyn, we'll get to know her better soon. But there's only so much time left before the season finale arrives on Sept. 29.