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Twitter Has So Many Thoughts About Don’t Worry Darling After Its Release

Moviegoers gave their hot takes after seeing the much-talked about film.

After making a lot of headlines in recent weeks, Don’t Worry Darling finally hit theaters on Sept. 23. For some, seeing what all the fuss was about was reason enough to buy a ticket. Others showed up to support Harry Styles in his first lead role, while still others were there for the talents of star Florence Pugh. Regardless of why people turned out, though, the movie had twists and turns in store for them — and they reported back about the experience on Twitter.

Don’t Worry Darling didn’t exactly have stellar reviews leading up to its opening day. Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer puts the film at a dismal 38%, and several reviewers wrote they were impressed with Pugh but less so with Styles. Still, many moviegoers were undeterred and gave it a shot. Whether or not that decision paid off, however, seems to depend on who you ask. As the number of hot takes on Twitter quickly piled up, there seemed to be something of a love-it-or-hate-it reaction.

The love-it camp, of course, enjoyed the experience. Some were ready to see Don’t Worry Darling again, some didn’t necessarily think it was “a masterpiece” but were entertained, and others took issue with the bad reviews.

Others had different very opinions. “They had a concept that was interesting, but couldn’t make a script that could carry a feature film,” one person wrote, in part. Another didn’t go into detail about what they didn’t like, but noted that they were getting “more annoyed” the more they thought about it.

Still others really didn’t know what to make of it. The film just left them… confused.

For many moviegoers, Pugh was a bright spot, and Twitter gave her plenty of flowers, even while criticizing other elements of the film. “Bloody hell, but Florence Pugh is a splendid actor,” one person tweeted, in part. Meanwhile, someone else described her as “the only believable character.”

As for Styles, well, there were more mixed reactions. One person was simply happy not to get “the ick” for him after watching, while another lamented “the second hand embarrassment experienced” by his fans while watching the film. Still another person found it “cruel” having to watch him get intimate with his co-star. There were complaints, too, including one that likened him to being “the one guy” a high school drama teacher could get to audition.

Incidentally, Styles’ role seemed to lead to some strange experiences for people in theaters. For one individual, that was realizing they’d gone to see a psychological thriller and not “a cute lil 50s romance movie.” For others, it was hearing people scream or laugh in inappropriate moments.

Now that the film is out, that’s at least the end of the offscreen drama… right?