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Bachelorette Fans Had Mixed Opinions About Michelle & Joe’s One-On-One Date

The two visited Michelle’s high school before having a candid dinner conversation.

Joe opened up about depression following his injury on his one-on-one date with Michelle on "The Bac...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

After Michelle Young touched down in her hometown of Minnesota on The Bachelorette, she kicked off the trip by inviting her fellow Minnesotan, Joe Coleman, out on a one-on-one date. The two went to the baseball stadium and then took a trip to Michelle’s high school, where they played a competitive one-on-one game of basketball.

Dinner soon followed, and Michelle and Joe had their most vulnerable conversation yet. Joe told her about an intense sports injury that left him depressed. When he talked about thinking he “didn’t even want to be here anymore,” Michelle started tearing up. She was obviously smitten by the end of the night — which the two closed with a romantic ferris wheel ride — and told him she was grateful to the otherwise quiet and reserved contestant for finally opening up.

Some Bachelorette fans were immediately reminded of the classic 2000 rom-com Love & Basketball, in which two neighbors — with shared aspirations to become pro basketball stars — fall in love.

Others commended Joe pushing himself to share, especially about sports-related traumas. “If anyone would understand what comes with expectations and anxiety about sports and injuries it’s Michelle. Perfect Bachelorette for Joe to open up to,” tweeted one user.

Some, however, had some more skeptical opinions about Joe. “Let me know when Michelle & Joe have anything else in common other than basketball,” one fan wrote.

Others can’t help but remember that Joe previously ghosted Michelle. “we ain’t forget about that Joe,” tweeted one viewer.

While on the flip side, some fans pointed out that Michelle already addressed their past on night one and moved on. “Did y’all forget that Michelle already asked Joe why he ghosted her on night one?? She’s not the type to not address,” user streamnchat posted.

Her judgment should probably count for something.