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Queen Charlotte Is The Best Bridgerton Series Yet, According To Twitter

Fans are sharing what won them over.

Fan tweets show many viewers think 'Queen Charlotte' is the best 'Bridgerton' story yet.
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Although Bridgerton kept fans hooked when it shifted its focus from Daphne and Simon to Anthony and Kate after Season 1, a big question ahead of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was whether or not the franchise could also maintain the magic while centering on characters from an entirely different family. The prequel series’ May 4 debut and the reaction on Twitter have now given us the answer. Fans’ love affair continues — and many are even more enamored by Queen Charlotte than either season of Bridgerton thus far.

As the title implies, the spinoff centers on Queen Charlotte. Bridgerton’s Golda Rosheuvel returns in the role, this time joined by India Amarteifio, who plays a younger version of the royal as she falls in love with King George III (Corey Mylchreest). Thanks to Bridgerton, fans knew not to expect a “happily ever after” sort of journey, but they are along for the ride nonetheless. Queen Charlotte has earned an 92% Tomatometer score with an 82%, audience score, topping Bridgerton’s 82% and 74% in the same two categories.

On Twitter, many fans similarly ranked Queen Charlotte as their favorite Bridgerton installment. One fan called it “hands down the best,” while another described the prequel as “much much better” than the others. Even fans who didn’t think Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2 could be topped were won over. “i’m afraid to say it’s better than both bridgerton seasons tenfold,” a converted viewer tweeted.

At the heart of fans’ love was the pairing of Charlotte and George. They stood out to fans of the franchise, even with stiff competition from previous Bridgerton couples. As one person put it, “the chemistry between charlotte and george in queen charlotte is unmatched i fear. i can’t take my eyes off of them.”

To say the couple had people were in their feelings might be an understatement. Numerous fans tweeted about being heartbroken by their beautiful relationship. “I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THEM,” a viewer noted.

As much as love and emotions are important to Bridgerton stories, the clothes still make the experience, too. Queen Charlotte did not disappoint in that regard, and fans gushed about the wardrobe in their tweets. “The outfits in The queen Charlotte show are such a slay AND THE WIGS???? YES,” one enthusiast wrote.

Queen Charlotte is now streaming on Netflix.