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RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Is Jen Shah’s Former Friend & Assistant

The Season 4 newcomer claims to know all of her co-stars’ “dark secrets.”

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Monica Garcia is a new cast member on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.'

Jen Shah is currently absent from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City while serving her prison sentence for fraud and money laundering, and her expected release date isn’t until August 30, 2028 — but her presence is still very much felt on the show. Case in point: The series’ new cast member, Monica Garcia, already knows the other Housewives through Shah.

As Whitney Rose previously revealed on the Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge podcast, Monica “was formerly friends and assistant to” Jen. It’s not clear if Monica was Shah’s assistant while Shah was committing fraud, or if she was involved in Shah’s trial in any way — to learn that, fans will have to tune into the new season of RHOSLC.

According to her Bravo bio, Monica is a Portuguese-Colombian and an ex-Mormon who is “blunt, opinionated and never afraid to speak her mind.” She also “has no problem saying what she’s thinking, even if it lands her in hot water with the other women.” Previews tease that Monica will find herself at the center of some explosive drama, particularly with Lisa Barlow.

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“It is so crazy hearing them portraying these perfect lives,” Monica dishes in a preview clip. “We’ve all heard things about each other, thanks to Jen. So I’m trying to walk this fine line of being open-minded and non-judgemental, even though all their dark secrets are very heavy on my mind.”

Here’s everything else to know about Monica as she begins her inaugural RHOSLC season.

Monica Garcia’s Job

Monica is the founder and creative director of Brea Baby, a company she started in 2018 that sells $20 baby swaddles.

“I started Brea Baby while quietly sitting on my living room couch one night. Tears running down my face, completely exhausted from working my 9-5, and feeling like a failure as a mother. Desperately searching for a way I could help provide for my family, but stay home with my young children at the same time,” Monica wrote on her website. “Swaddles have always had a special place in my heart. For years I have loved swaddling my little ones while rocking them to sleep. Whether it’s for comforting, or for cleaning, for sleeping, or for playing peek-a-boo! I hope our swaddles become a staple in your home and provide your little ones with comfort for years to come.”

Monica Garcia’s Children & Family

Bravo noted that viewers can expect to see Monica raising her four children on her own, while also dealing with divorcing her husband — for the second time — and navigating a “volatile relationship with her mother.” In the RHOSLC Season 4 supertease, Monica also admits to having an 18-month relationship, but has yet to reveal the person’s identity.

When one of her daughters started junior high in August 2022, Monica joked about the challenges of motherhood on Instagram. “I can’t even explain the struggle I feel between wanting them around all the time and wanting my space all the time!” she captioned the post. “Not one person warned me about that part! Like how do I want them to leave me alone, but then I miss them instantly when they go!? Messed up.”

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