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My Lady Jane Fans Can’t Get Over This Parallel Bridgerton Scene

A viral TikTok points out a hilarious similarity.

'My Lady Jane.' on Amazon Prime follow's Guildford and Jane's romance.
Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

It’s a steamy summer for period romance fans. Just after fans watched the conclusion to Colin and Penelope’s love story in Bridgerton Season 3, Prime Video dropped My Lady Jane — its adaptation of the bestselling 2016 novel of the same name.

If you’re one of the fans who have swooned over the show in its entirety (all eight episodes dropped on June 27), you know that it’s a fantasy spin on the adventures of Lady Jane Grey, who was the reigning monarch of England for nine days before being executed for treason in 1554. Only in this version of the story, she’s not beheaded. And, oh! She lives in a world where some people turn into animal alter egos, like birds and horses.

While that little detail makes it very different from Bridgerton, it’s easy to see why viewers of the Regency romance are loving My Lady Jane as well. Both shows reimagine historical love stories in fun and diverse ways — and there’s one parallel in particular that fans are loving.

Historical Sex Ed

In Episode 2 of My Lady Jane, the titular heroine’s mother, Lady Frances, tries to give her daughter a crash course in sex ed — minutes before Jane is set to consummate her marriage to Lord Guildford Dudley (in front of a crowd, no less, due to bedding ceremony rituals of the time).

Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

“Jane, I know we haven’t discussed what happens between a man and a woman,” Frances says. “But if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll take to it like a duck to water.”

She then delivers a few mortifying tips: “Now, Jane, darling: mouth closed, legs open,” she says. And crucially: “Hold anything firm, firmly. And anything soft, softly.”

A Bridgerton Connection

For many viewers, the scene was reminiscent of Portia Featherington’s sex talk in Bridgerton Season 3. “The scene was giving ‘Inserts himself? Inserts himself where?’” one fan said in a viral TikTok, referencing the moment when the Featherington matriarch tries to delicately explain “a woman’s pleasure” to her daughters so that one of them may conceive an heir. (To her horror, she discovers one of her daughters thought kissing while fully clothed was enough to do it.)

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Now, Jane is a bit savvier — but as one viewer commented, “Portia Featherington and Jane’s mom would be Besties.” Fans also noted the similarity over on Reddit.

While it’s not an intentional connection, fans of both shows will be glad to hear that My Lady Jane director and executive producer Jamie Babbit has nothing but appreciation for Netflix’s Regency romance. She told Collider that Shonda Rhimes “really showed that shows about women, and for women, have a huge audience,” with the outlet adding that Bridgerton “helped pave the way for My Lady Jane casting a more diverse cast.”