This New Netflix Show Is A Soapy Tale Of Murder & Revenge

Calling all Lifetime fans.

'Her Mother's Killer' on Netflix

Netflix may have a reputation for churning out buzzy true crime shows, but that's not the case for its new murder drama Her Mother's Killer. The show, which was originally produced in Colombia under the title La Venganza de Analía, or Ana's Revenge, is not based on a true story, though the plot is juicy enough that true crime fans will likely still want to watch it.

Her Mother's Killer follows the story of Analía Guerrero, one of the top political strategists in Latin America. She takes a high-profile job as the lead campaign strategist for politician Guillermo León Mejía, who's running to be President of Colombia. Guerrero plans to do everything she can to bring Mejía to the heights of fame and glory, but as you may have guessed from the series' title, there are ulterior motives at play. Guerrero, you see, is not who she says she is. Her real name is Ana Lucía Junca, and she is the sworn enemy of Mejía — he just doesn't know it. When Ana was a little girl, she witnessed her mother's murder at the hand of Mejía, who unsuccessfully tried to kill her as well. The politician had sexually assaulted Ana's mother, and after she threatened to report him, he murdered her to keep her silent. Now, 30 years later, Ana has positioned herself to finally avenge her mother's murder. She plans to raise Mejía's profile as high as she can before bringing him down in spectacular fashion, ruining his life and legacy in one fell swoop. It's quite the grand plan — and a bit too soap opera-y to be based on real events.

Spanish trailer for Netflix's 'Her Mother's Killer'

That being said, several politicians have gotten mixed up with murder in Colombia — they're just usually on the receiving end of the crime. The most infamous is the murder of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán in 1989. According to the BBC, Galán was considered the favorite to win the nation's 1990 presidential election, largely because of his strong stance against the country's drug cartels, and most notably Pablo Escobar's notorious Medellín Cartel. It was that position that ultimately got Galán killed, as he was assassinated at a campaign rally as part of a plot cooked up by Escobar and a political rival of Galán.

On second thought, maybe Her Mother's Killer isn't so far-fetched after all...