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9 Times Netflix's Squid Game English Translations Missed The Real Meaning

Some things were literally lost in translation.

Netflix's number 1 show Squid Game has several mistranslations. Photo courtesy of Youngkyu Park/Netf...
Youngkyu Park/Netflix

Youngkyu Park/Netflix

Primed to become Netflix’s most viewed show of all time, the Korean thriller Squid Game is so popular it even inspired a slew of TikTok trends. In it, 456 cash-strapped people fight to the death — literally — via playground games for a chance at taking home a lot of cash.

Photo courtesy of Youngkyu Park/Netflix

Though the English subtitles are deemed way more accurate than English Closed Captions [CC], some think the full brilliance of the Hwang Dong-hyuk-directed series didn't quite translate. If you don't speak Korean, here are the nuances you probably missed. Warning: spoilers ahead.