All The New TV Shows & Films Arriving On Netflix UK In October

Including a 1970s Halloween classic, Diana: The Musical, and You season 3.

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With the arrival of those chilly Autumn months, curling up on the sofa for an evening of telly sounds far more appealing than a night out on the town. For us dedicated couch potatoes, Netflix is on hand with a colossal library of films and TV shows for our viewing pleasure, and if you’re in search of some much-needed escapism amid a seemingly never-ending bad news cycle, you're in luck, because the streaming service is set to introduce a lineup of exciting new additions throughout the next month. To give you a nudge in the right direction of what to look out for, here are all the new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix UK in October.

Over the next few weeks, Netflix UK’s freshly updated library is sure to brighten up your mood, and leading this month’s lineup in the run-up to spooky season is a 1970s Halloween classic, the broadway reimagining of the life of Princess Diana, the hotly anticipated third season of You, and much more.

So, it appears users can once again look forward to a tonne of thrilling new options throughout October, and as the nights grow longer, the platform's updated catalogue could not be arriving at a better time.

Diana: The Musical — Coming October 1

The life of Princess Diana has recently been portrayed by Emma Corrin in Netflix’s The Crown and Kristen Stewart in the forthcoming drama Spencer. However, Diana: The Musical offers a unique depiction of the late Princess of Wales with a live taping of the broadway spectacular centred around her life. Starring Jeanna De Waal as the People’s Princess, the musical recounts the story of Diana, including her relationships with the royal family and the rise and fall of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Halloween (1978) — Coming October 1

Directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her career-defining role, this classic Halloween flick follows the harrowing story of Michael Myers, who returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, following his escape from the institution he was being held in after murdering his teenage sister. However, upon his return to the sleepy small town, Michael begins hunting down his next victims.

Maid — Coming October 1

Based on the workings of Stephanie Land and starring the likes of Margaret Qualley, Andie MacDowell, and Nick Robinson, this hotly-anticipated Netflix adaptation tells the story of a young mother who picks up a job cleaning houses to strive for a better life after fleeing an abusive relationship.

The Guilty — Coming October 1

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Christina Vidal, this U.S. remake of the Danish film of the same name revolves around a troubled police detective who is demoted to the position of a 911 operator and is forced to scramble to assist a distressed caller during a harrowing day of revelations.

Adult Material — Coming October 5

Starring Hayley Squires, this four-part Channel 4 drama follows the story of Hayley Burrows, a hard-working mum-of-three who enjoys a successful career in the adult entertainment industry. However, her life is turned upside down following an incident between a new girl in the industry and a veteran porn actor.

There’s Someone Inside Your House — Coming October 6

Adapted from Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel of the same name, this 2021 slasher film follows the terrifying story of a group of high students who work together to identify a masked killer, who has been targeting fellow students and exposing some of their biggest secrets.

Pretty Smart — Coming October 8

Created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, and starring the likes of Emily Osment, Cinthya Carmona, and Gregg Sulkin, this brand new U.S. sitcom revolves around book-smart Chelsea who quickly discovers that she has a lot to learn about happiness after she is forced to move in with her sister and three roommates.

You (Season 3) — Coming October 15

The highly-anticipated third season of Netflix’s hit psychological thriller is finally upon us. Starring Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti and Saffron Burrows, the show’s third chapter follows the now-married Joe and Love as they raise their newborn son in California. However, Joe begins to repeat his cycle of obsession with their next-door neighbor, Natalie.

Found — Coming October 20

Directed by Amanda Lipitz, this fascinating documentary film recounts the stories of three American teenagers, each of whom were adopted from China, who find out that they are in fact blood-related cousins following a DNA test. Soon after their startling discovery, the trio set out on a journey to China in the hopes of meeting their birth parents.

Colin in Black and White — Coming October 29

Starring Jaden Michael, Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker, this six-part series dramatizes the formatives years of athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick (who also narrates the drama), as he navigates race, class, and culture while working towards his ultimate dream of playing in the National Football League.