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Bridgerton Star Nicola Coughlan’s Sex Scenes “Joke” Was Actually Serious

Coughlan had a special stipulation written into her contract.

Nicola Coughlan explained her contract stipulation requesting a PG version of 'Bridgerton' Season 3 ...
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Nicola Coughlan has a new show out — and no, it’s not Bridgerton Season 3 yet. Her British comedy Big Mood premiered on March 28, so she’s been hard at work promoting it. Luckily, many of her interviewers have taken the opportunity to score Bridgerton intel as well, and thanks to their efforts, she revealed the lengths she went to to get a “PG version” made for her mother.

Bridgerton (Mammy’s Version)

In February, Coughlan told Ireland’s Today FM that she had put a plan in place to save her mom from the Bridgerton sex scenes starring her character, Penelope Featheringon, and Luke Newton’s Colin Bridgerton. “I requested a PG version for my mammy because I am not doing that,” she said. However, some people apparently didn’t realize how serious she was being. When the hosts of SiriusXM Hits 1 recently asked her about it, she clarified that the comment wasn’t a joke.

“It’s literally written into my contract. People think I’m saying it as a joke,” Coughlan said, per Variety. “I just don’t want to … We grew up Irish Catholic. That’s just not how we vibe.”

She shared that her mom was caught by surprise when she first watched Bridgerton and saw Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) bare his backside about two minutes into the episode. “She was like, ‘What is this?’” Coughlan recalled. Luckily, her mom adapted, and “now she thinks it’s fantastic and really funny,” she added.

Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) in Bridgerton Season 3Liam Daniel/Netflix

Season 3, Behind-The-Scenes

Though Coughlan doesn’t think her steamy scenes in Bridgerton Season 3 are fit for her mother, she had a positive experience filming them. She spoke of how her bond with Newton helped make an awkward situation better during an interview on the British talk show This Morning. “Thankfully I’ve known Luke for four years and he’s a super nice guy,” she said, before adding. “We could kind of have a laugh about it, and, you know, it was quite liberating and quite fun to do.”

The result, according to Coughlan, is a Bridgerton chapter that she thinks has “won the sauciness battle.” Newton seems to agree, as he told attendees of a February fan event that “it’s just steamy across the board,” per Variety. He further teased, “There’s lots of people within the ton that are at it. It’s not just us!”

It sounds like a lot of stars are going to need PG cuts when the first part of Bridgerton Season 3 hits Netflix on May 16.