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Nicola Coughlan & Lydia West Are Set To Star In New Comedy Big Mood

Here’s everything we know about Channel 4’s latest series so far.

by Sophie McEvoy
Camilla Whithall, Nicola Coughlan, and Lydia West
Channel 4

Channel 4 has a reputation for producing some of Britain's greatest female-led comedies like Derry Girls, This Way Up, and Chewing Gum. Now Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan and It's A Sin's Lydia West are back with a brand new six-part comedy, Big Mood. Written and created by playwright Camilla Whitehill, C4 describes the show as exploring “the messy pitfalls and idiosyncrasies of navigating adulthood through wicked humour, daft anecdotes, and unsettling truths.” And so, here's everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated Big Mood.

Big Mood Plot

The C4 comedy follows best friends Maggie and Eddie as they navigate adulthood. The pair have been BFFs for ten years, but “with the rest of their lives looming, careers hanging in the balance, and Maggie's bipolar disorder making an unwelcome return to form, Eddie begins to question whether their friendship is really in their best interests,” per the official synopsis. As they leave their twenties behind, Maggie and Eddie come to terms with life's mundane realities, including pest control, whether or not sleeping with a former teacher is the best idea, and the ins and outs of therapy sessions.

Big Mood Cast

Coughlan takes on the role of Maggie, while West plays Eddie. The pair are the only members of Big Mood's cast to have been announced so far, but the show is grounded in the history between Coughlan and its creator Whitehill. “We met like a million years ago at drama school in Oxford,” the Bridgerton star told Variety. “And then when we left drama school, we were both in various state of not working and everything being a bit crap.” Coughlan describes their twenties as a “struggle bus” and can't believe they're where they are now. “I've always wanted to work with her. And then for Lydia to be part of it is the biggest dream.”

West was equally happy working with Coughlan and Whitehill, as she told C4. “The writing is genius, and the subject explores the mental health struggles that all of our generation face – coupled with how to navigate complicated, loving and nuanced friendship.”

Big Mood Trailer & Release Date

Big Mood has no confirmed release date yet, as the show is currently in pre-production. We'll keep you in the loop when a date and more details are announced.