Perrie Edwards' Mum May Have Accidentally Announced Her Pregnancy A Whole Week Ago

The Little Mix fan base went into overdrive trying to work out if Perrie’s mum's tweet had a deeper meaning.

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It’s a truly great time to be a Little Mix fan. Bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards announced their pregnancies on Instagram in quick succession, with just five days between each bump reveal. The pair have been friends since the early days of X Factor, and Pinnock wrote on Edwards’ post that she’s “so bloody happy we get to go on this journey together.” Edwards’ news came as a massive shock as fans were still celebrating Pinnock’s mum-to-be announcement, but some think Perrie Edwards’ mum, Debbie announced her pregnancy a week before she did.

It may not have been intentional, but as dedicated Little Mix fans do, some seriously read into Deborah Edwards’ celebratory tweet to Pinnock. On May 4 she reposted Pinnock’s ethereal pregnancy photoshoot pictures with the message: “Massive congratulations to Leigh-Anne and Andre... babies on tour xx can’t wait xx.'' Immediately fans picked up on the plural “babies.” One commented, “BABIES?! IS PERRIE PREGNANT”, while another said, “wait...what do you mean babieS?”

The Little Mix fan base went into overdrive trying to work out if Perrie’s mum's tweet was simply a mistake or if there was a deeper meaning. One wrote, “when you find out can you please leak to us please like mother like daughter love you.”

Whether there was a secret clue in the tweet or it was a total accident, it wasn’t long before Perrie Edwards announced her pregnancy on her Instagram on May 10. Along with a series of beautiful black and white photos showing off her bump with partner Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, she wrote: “So happy to be on this wild journey with my soulmate. Me + Him = You. We can’t wait to meet you baby Ox!”

Much to the delight of fans, Deborah Edwards was back on Twitter to congratulate her daughter, and even referenced back to the original tweet. “Massive congratulations to my beautiful daughter Perrie and Alexander... I am bursting with pride... and cannot wait to see my grandchild... as I said... Babies on tour lol,” she wrote.

One fan replied, “I knew it! You got me making theories about the plural in ‘babies on tour’ and I started to really think that Pez was pregnant too, OMG.” Another said, “I thought Leigh was having twins because of the ‘babies’ gosh Debs. What a nice trick haha.” It seems mum’s the word when it comes to the latest Little Mix updates.