Selling The OC’s Polly Reveals Why She’s No Longer Close With Kayla

The British former model also opens up about her ex-husband.

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SELLING THE OC - Polly Brindle from SELLING THE OC. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2022

The first thing we learn about Polly Brindle on Selling The OC, Netflix’s Selling Sunset spinoff is that no one at The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach can understand her Northern England accent. That’s because, as she jokes with Bustle, she’s not from “a particularly nice area,” so her accent isn’t exactly the Queen’s English. But by the end of the eight-episode first season, it’s easy enough to understand what Polly is saying and why she’s saying it. Especially when it comes to the office drama involving Kayla Cardona and Tyler Stanaland and her ongoing battles with Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose.

Although she got involved in all of the in-fighting, Polly says that she doesn’t have any real issues with most of the cast. “I do love our dynamic as a friend group,” she says, speaking specifically about Alex Hall, Tyler Stanaland, and Brandi Marshall, all of whom still gather together after work for drinks and dinner in the OC. Polly reveals she’s not very close to Kayla anymore since filming. “Everyone supports each other. It's not that me and Kayla aren’t friends; it's just that we have very little in common,” she says.

Polly adds in a — shall we say cheeky — sort of tone of voice that she and Kayla are just not on the same level. “She has had a very different life from me. She was born and raised here [in the OC], so for me, it's very difficult to try and find common ground,” Polly says. Even with her self-admitted low-rent accent and attempts at office diplomacy, it’s clear from her actions onscreen and her thoughts after seeing the season that Polly is ready to play the reality TV game. Here’s what else to know about Selling The OC’s Polly.

Polly’s Instagram

Polly’s Instagram account is pretty standard stuff for a high-end realtor and new reality TV star. Most of her posts are selfies and pics with friends, marketing for her listings, and pumping up her followers to watch Selling The OC.

Polly’s Relationship History

Polly mentions her ex-husband a lot, but not by name, in Season 1. She tells Bustle that that’s not because she’s hiding some famous soccer player or pulling a Chrishell Stause/Justin Hartley on us. It’s really just because he’s “a nobody.” “Literally,” she adds with a laugh.

She and her ex were together for six years and moved to California together with Los Angeles being their first stop. “I met him when I was 21, we got married when I was 24,” she says, and they came to California to live “the dream,” have “beach babies,” and “all of that.” But then, “he really f*cked up,” Polly says, in a way that means she’s not taking any more questions on the matter. He was also European, but she was the visa holder for their stateside move, so he had to go back to his home country and can’t even get into the United States anymore, she says. She adds that she has no regrets. “If you f*ck me over, I will [walk away] because I know my worth, and I'm not prepared to let people disrespect me or walk over me.” That applies to both her romantic and business partners.

Polly’s Modeling Career

Polly left the north of England when she was a teenager to pursue a successful modeling career but not before working at an architecture firm, bartending, managing a restaurant, and doing other jobs. “I'm a hustler, and I have scrambled. I just throw things to the wall and see what sticks. I'm very adaptable in that way,” Polly says. In addition to modeling, she also has small acting credits in three movies, per IMDb, including The Glass Man, Jingle Dead 2, and Rush, in which she is credited as Polly Furnival.

Polly’s Real Estate Experience

Having moved to California in 2011, Polly initially immersed herself in design and architecture, per her bio on The O Group team page. She tells Bustle that she was working for an architectural rendering company up until the pandemic began in 2020 when her industry shut down. In search of more stability, she says she decided to get her real estate license and move down to the OC. When casting directors reached out to her around the same time she was linking up with Jason Oppenheim, the rest became history.

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