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There May Already Be A Frontrunner On Matt James' Bachelor Season

Meet Rachael.

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Rachael Kirkconnell from Matt James' season of 'The Bachelor' job Instagram bio
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Being on The Bachelor is an emotional process, but for one contestant, the tears started flowing a little earlier than usual. On night one, Matt James' contestant Rachael Kirkconnell teared up after he kicked things off with a prayer and a speech about the importance of being vulnerable with one another. "That just rocked me," the Georgia native told another contestant after his prayer.

"I had a feeling I was going to be infatuated with him, but the fact that he opened up with a prayer just struck a nerve for me," Rachael admitted to the cameras. "I didn’t expect to feel like this so soon. He’s everything I expected him to be and more." And it seemed like the feeling was mutual, because after they got a moment to chat, Matt said that he was "blown away" by the 24-year-old. "Rachael, she’s beautiful, she’s articulate, she’s sexy, and she’s being open and vulnerable. That’s what I’ve asked these women to do and she’s taking that challenge head on."

While that wasn't enough to earn her Matt's first impression rose, she's rumored to go far in the season. Here's what to know about the potential frontrunner.

Rachael's Job

According to her ABC bio, Rachael's "favorite way to pass the time is doodling," so it's no wonder that she ended up as a graphic designer. Her portfolio doesn't appear to be online, but Rachael does like to show off her artistic side on Instagram, where she has shared some DIY projects on her Stories and lots of perfectly framed food photos. Rachael also appears to be an avid traveler, chronicling her various vacations as well as some of the furry friends she's made along the way on her feed.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Rachael's Instagram

Rachael may use Instagram to document her travels, but she actually doesn't post too frequently on the platform; her last post is from Dec. 10, and she hasn't shared anything on her main feed about being on The Bachelor. When she does post,, you can expect plenty of stunning sunsets, windswept poses, and lots of delicious-looking food.

What Rachael's Looking For

Like Matt, Rachael has never been in love before, but she describes herself as a "hopeless romantic." The family-oriented Southern girl says she's looking for a love story worth telling her children about one day, and truly does believe that everything is made better by having a good partner by your side. "At the end of the day, love is what makes your life more special than others," she told The Bachelor. "Life can be hard and really difficult and dark at times, but if you have someone by your side that loves you more than they love themselves, that makes it all worth it in the end." Only time will tell if Matt's that man.

Does Rachael Win Matt's Season?

It's possible. Rachael and Matt have had a strong connection since the beginning, and their one-on-one date only further solidified that. "I like everything about you, even the things that you may be ultra-aware of," Matt told Rachael during the Feb. 1 episode. "I find those things attractive and I love them about you. You don't even have to try to get my attention. You just have it. If you're in the room, you've got it."

There's also the fact that Matt may have accidentally spoiled his season. On Jan. 17, Instagram fan account @bachelorsleuths noticed that Matt was listening to a playlist called "Night Drive" on Spotify — which just so happened to have been made by Rachael. While it's possible that he could just be a fan of the same kind of music or that they are still friendly after the show, it's much more likely that he was listening to the playlist because they're still together.

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