Twitter Thinks They’ve Figured Out The Censored RHONY Mystery Restaurant

New Housewife Brynn Whitfield said she “won’t be caught dead” at this former hotspot.

The hottest club in New York City is the mystery restaurant at the center of a hilarious feud on the Real Housewives of New York City reboot premiere. Twitter is having a field day investigating the name of the New York eatery whose name was censored in the July 16 season premiere because new cast member Brynn Whitfield said she “won’t be caught dead” there. Fans have theories about which eatery it could be based on a few different factors.

A quick refresh: the biggest point of contention on the RHONY premiere (aside from a literal cheeseboard) was Brynn and fellow Housewife Sai De Silva skipping out on a dinner reservation made for the group by their castmate Erin Lichy prior to filming. “The restaurant used to be the hottest place in New York,” she said in a confessional. “It’s easy to get to and it’s convenient.” But the place apparently wasn’t good enough for Brynn and Sai, who backed out of their plans to go to Casa Cipriani instead and posted about it on Instagram.

“I didn’t know how to say, ‘I won’t be caught dead at *bleep*,” Brynn remarked to Sai and castmate Jessel Taank at a get-together days later. “It’s not 2005, and I’m not a D-list model.” Sai was in full agreement, asking, “Is it bad that I don’t want to go to *bleep*?” “Olive Garden, to me, is chicer,” Brynn quipped. “The one with the carpets. The breadsticks, they slap!” In their confessionals, Sai remarked that the mystery restaurant was “good for teenagers,” while Brynn admitted she only goes there “if I was like drunk enough” or had guests visiting from home.

Naturally, Twitter went nuts trying to figure out what restaurant they were talking about and immediately started coming up with their own theories.

Brynn and Sai’s conversation indicates that the mystery restaurant has been open since at least the mid-2000s and was a certified celebrity hotspot back then. Every time one of the ladies says the restaurant’s name, it sounds like a one-syllable word that starts with the letter C, before the rest of it is bleeped out. The most common theory is Meatpacking District eatery Catch, but not everyone is convinced that’s the answer.

Another possible theory is the restaurant and nightclub Tao, which has multiple locations in New York and outposts in cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

However, others think some Bravoholics theorized it could be Craft, celebrity chef Tom Collichio’s flagship eatery in Tribeca. Collichio is the head judge on Bravo’s long-running, Emmy-nominated reality competition Top Chef.

No matter where they went, it just might become a New York hotspot once again thanks to RHONY.